Marleny Aleelayn @marleny1 aka Ms Booty Gains -

Marleny Aleelayn @marleny1 aka Ms Booty Gains

Marleny Aleelayn - @marleny1

Marleny Aleelayn, also known as Ms. Booty Gains, is a bikini fitness model, social media influencer, and content creator. Born in Honduras in 1988, she grew up in Houston, Texas, U.S.

Starting her journey in 2015, Marleny shares fitness-related content on Instagram, promoting body positivity and fitness. With over 2.7 million followers on TikTok and a massive Instagram following, she is a prominent figure in the fitness and influencer community.

Marleny has been sponsored by brands like Prettylittlething and collaborated with Fashion Nova. She's currently building her own business and has a presence on OnlyFans.

Marleny Aleelayn

Known for her booty workout videos, bikini photos, and OnlyFans content, Marleny engages with her followers and emphasizes personal connections.

She runs an OnlyFans channel with over 1 million subscribers, where she shares extended videos on various topics.

Marleny Aleelayn

Marleny Aleelayn is known for her fashion and fitness-related content, sharing modeling shots, progress pictures, and inspirational comments with her two million followers on Instagram.

She goes by various names, including Marleny Aleelayn, marleny.allelayn, and la maestra.

With a mission to help women feel comfortable in their own skin, Marleny Aleelayn is a prominent influencer.

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