Tiktok Leggings Collection

Meet the original scrunch butt leggings - immortalized as the viral TikTok Leggings. Flaunt your curves in our Honeycomb collection.

The Original Butt Scrunch TikTok Leggings

The trending leggings that everyone wants to get their hands on thanks to TikTok. Honeycomb leggings, also known as the original tiktok leggings, have become a popular trend with millions of views and highly-rated as the best butt-lifting leggings. These leggings gained popularity on TikTok as workout pants with a butt-lifting design, creating a rounder butt illusion with their honeycomb fabric.

History of TikTok Leggings

In November 2020, the honeycomb leggings went viral on TikTok, sparking the #tiktokleggings hashtag and encouraging users to try out the latest trendy tights. The leggings feature a honeycomb texture with a scrunch that simulates a pulled-up thong in the butt crack, resulting in a flattering booty-lifting effect. Influencers like Lauren Wolfe and Babeth Lando praised their ability to enhance the appearance of the derriere.

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