Get Free Lululemon Leggings (Act Fast)

Get Free Lululemon Leggings (Act Fast)

How to Get Free Lululemon Leggings (Align)

The luxury retailer is helping to right wrongs -- even if it isn't at fault.

While some people still consider a $100 pair of leggings overpriced, that population is steadily dwindling.

In fact, over the past four quarters, Lululemon (LULU) - Get Free Report has consistently exceeded Wall Street expectations. Its revenue has increased by more than 30% year-over-year. Lululemon has become so popular that many companies try to replicate or outright duplicate its "science of feel" buttery-soft fabric technology.

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In 2021, Lululemon filed a lawsuit against Peloton (PTON) - Get Free Report in Los Angeles federal court, seeking triple damages for Peloton's alleged infringement of six design patents. The two companies later reached a mutually agreeable settlement, and Peloton eliminated several of the disputed items.

Lululemon Moves to Solve Dupe Problem

While Lululemon faces other challenges, it has generated positive attention with the announcement of the Align Legging Dupe Swap, a limited-time event aimed at getting knockoff products off the market.

According to its Eventbrite page, Lululemon will offer people who own Lululemon dupes -- leggings designed to look and feel just like its popular Align-style pants -- a chance to exchange them for genuine Align leggings, free of charge.

"Join us at the Align Legging Dupe Swap, where we invite you to swap out one pair of your old leggings for a brand-new pair of ours, at no cost to you," the page reads.

"That’s right. All you have to do is show up, feel the difference for yourself, and trade in your old dupes. It's first come, first served, so get there quick while supplies last."

The event is set for Saturday, May 6, 2023, at the Century City Mall in Los Angeles, right outside the Lululemon store. The program will continue as long as supplies are available.

As with most marketing efforts, there are a few requirements: Customers must sign up for a Lululemon account, referred to as a "membership."

"Leggings must be non-Lululemon, no returns or exchanges, and there is a limit of one per guest. To participate in the event, you must swap out your dupes and sign up for a Lululemon membership," the site says.

Lululemon membership, introduced in late 2022, is free to join and collects a shopper's email address and other personal information, such as shipping address and sizing recommendations.

It provides shoppers with early access to new products and promotions, free hemming services, and the ability to exchange sale items or receive in-store credit, which was not previously offered.

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