Tummy Control Workout

Viral Fupa Leggings

Viral Fupa Leggings

Looking for comfortable exercise leggings that provide support for your lower back and stomach? Look no further than tummy control leggings $9.95!

Tummy Control Leggings

Introducing the Viral Fupa Leggings, the perfect exercise leggings for ultimate comfort and support. These tummy control leggings are designed to give you a flattering look while providing support for your lower back and stomach. With their high-waistband and tummy tuck feature, these full-length leggings are made to smooth and flatten, giving you a confident silhouette.

Made from a stretchy and comfortable fabric, these seamless leggings fit like a second skin. They are one of our best-selling body shaper items, specifically designed to help hide the fupa (fat upper pubic area). The high waist offers coverage for your tummy and back, ensuring a secure fit during your workouts.

Featuring a sleek design, these magic pants will make you feel like you've shrunk in size. The high waist and tummy control top eliminate the worry of a muffin top, while the slimming legs complement your favorite boots or shoes. Add a touch of magic to your wardrobe with these versatile leggings.

To find your perfect fit, choose your jean size, and if you're between sizes, opt for the larger one. Follow these simple steps to put on the leggings correctly:

  1. Start by sitting down.
  2. Gradually pull the leggings up, a little at a time, until they reach halfway up your thigh.
  3. Stand up and continue pulling the leggings up over your butt, ensuring that the shaper material rests on your lower back (before your booty starts).
  4. If you have a larger stomach, pull the pants up one side at a time. This will help to fit your entire tummy comfortably.
  5. Once the pants are over your stomach, wiggle your body downwards while pulling them up. This will shift your weight and help them sit higher on your back and waist.
  6. If you notice any bunched up material, simply pinch it and pull up. Make sure to distribute the extra material all the way to your bum and up your thighs to prevent chub rub, sheer material, and bunching at the ankles.
  7. Enjoy the feeling of a smooth FUPA and a snatched waist! Remember, you are beautiful!

These steps will ensure a proper fit and help you feel comfortable and confident while wearing the Viral Fupa Leggings.

Adjustable Tummy Control Leggings

Fupa Leggings (Adjustable Tummy Control)

Tummy Control Leggings for Women

New & Improved Leggings for your fupa - Buy Now $9.95!

Tummy Control Leggings


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