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Slutty Vegan - The Slutty Way!

Slutty Vegan - The Plant-Based Sensation in Atlanta

Slutty Vegan - The Plant-Based Sensation in Atlanta

Slutty Vegan: Serving up 100% plant-based goodness.

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About Slutty Vegan

Slutty Vegan operates as a vegan hamburger restaurant chain based in Atlanta (ATL), delighting customers with the finest vegan food in the city. Its creative approach to vegan burgers has won the hearts of locals and celebrities alike.

The Rise and Rise of Slutty Vegan

Before running a $100 million vegan burger chain, Slutty Vegan CEO Pinky Cole was fired from her full-time job. Since its founding in 2018, Slutty Vegan has rapidly grown from the ashes of Pinky Cole's previous restaurant venture, Pinky's Jamaican and American eatery, which closed due to a kitchen fire.

Cole then embarked on formulating her plans for Slutty Vegan. Initially, Slutty Vegan operated as a takeout spot, quickly gaining momentum and expanding into food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurants. Pinky Cole's success has led to product deals and distribution of Slutty Vegan dips at various grocery chains. Beyond Meat (BYND) has also partnered with the Atlanta-based chain.

According to an interview with Forbes, a customer described Slutty Vegan's appeal: "I had never seen vegan food presented in such a fun way. Leaders are often defined by the degree to which people want to follow them, and I saw people following the leader."

Despite its regional roots, Slutty Vegan's menu has garnered national recognition, with celebrities like Tyler Perry and Shaquille O'Neal naming it their favorite restaurant. Cole now has plans for significant national expansion.

Slutty Vegan Opens at Atlanta Braves Stadium Truist Park

The Braves home opener against the Padres on Thursday, April 6, at Truist Park will also mark the debut of Slutty Vegan at the stadium, only open during scheduled games. Located in section 130 by the third base gate.

Slutty Vegan Burger

Slutty Vegan offers hamburgers, hot dogs, other sandwiches, and fries in a walk-up spot, where customers have been lining up and waiting to get it.

"Great service and great food. It had me believing I was actually eating meat. Lol."

Slutty Vegan Atlanta

Why Support Small Businesses?

Supporting small businesses demonstrates community care and benefits passionate small-business owners to build up local communities.

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