How To Get Bigger Thighs And Hips?

How To Get Bigger Thighs And Hips?

How To Get Bigger Thighs And Hips?

You can get thicker thighs and hips by training the gluteal muscles, hamstrings, and quadriceps.


How To Get Bigger Thighs For Females

If someone is skinny and wishes to change it, it’s possible. Longing for much bigger, thicker thighs is not enough and it doesn’t matter whether someone aims at increasing core strength or just looking better in general. The calorie intake and the workouts put into the hips and thighs have a major part.

Merely dreaming about it is not enough. It’s necessary a clear plan and the conviction to follow it. When it comes to growing bigger thighs and hips, it’s a lifestyle choice. A change in the diet and going into the gym often for workout sessions will be required. This article will provide insights and include exercises that will help bulk up the legs.

Train legs three times per week

The lower body, including the thighs and legs are familiar with carrying a person’s weight around all the time. In order to bring about a noticeable change in the structure and bulk of it, it’s necessary to go all in with intense workouts that are dedicated to getting thicker thighs and hips. It is recommended to train 3 times a week.

This is recommended as high-frequency training has higher chances and is good for muscle hypertrophy. Since, there will be sufficient time for the muscles to recuperate, it’s possible go all out in the training sessions. The six-day upper/lower split is a great way for workouts not only to get bigger hips and thighs, but also to keep the body in shape and is preferred by most trainers around the world.

Incorporate deadlifts & squats

Squats have been popular recently as it helps to grow the shape and size of one’s butt and is also a great way to grow the glutes. This is a basic exercise that can be followed by skinny people without weights if not possible, at first and slowly increase weights to have higher effects.

Try to mix it up and incorporate other compound lifts like deadlifts into your workout sessions, preferably at the beginning. This helps to develop the lower body as a whole and affects multiple muscle groups at a time. From there, you can focus on dedicated and accessory workouts. Try to engage all parts of your leg muscles, especially the thighs in the workout.

Instead of adding weights to your squats and lunges, you can also try your luck at deadlifting. Not only are deadlifts an amazing alternative to squats to transform the legs, but they are also a very good competitive sport. Don’t go all in at once, try to increase weights in each reps and make sure to complete each reps and take adequate time to rest in between sessions.


Train quadriceps

This point can’t be stressed enough as it is. The development and muscle tone of your quadriceps decide your thigh size and your workouts should contain exercises that build upon the thighs and have permanent results. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go with weighted exercises.

From traditional squats and leg extension, to leg presses and weighted lunges, you can find out what’s working for you and go with that. Sometimes it helps to mix it up a little bit. A change of pace might be good to grow your glutes and have a healthy workout session.

Train hamstring muscles

Training your hamstrings from the ground up is necessary if you are focusing on your lower body as irresponsible training can result in hamstring injuries. Girls tend to focus on glutes, hamstrings and posterior with bodyweight exercises and then after building enough strength they focus on hitting each individual prospect to be on the  safe side. Training the hamstrings is one of the best ways to get bigger thighs.

Deadlifts are great exercises for hamstrings along with hamstring curls. Try different variations once in a while and increase reps session after some sessions to increase effectiveness.

Minimum cardio workout

This is a rookie mistake. Many people focus on cardio exercises the first time around irrespective of their goals. Always remember that your goal is to get the legs bulked up, so it doesn’t make sense if you are focusing your time on running, swimming etc. These exercises are meant to increase your cardio capacity and require much time.

Your primary aim should be to build up muscles and maintain them in the best possible shape. If you have less time for your strength workouts and your primary aim is to have bigger thighs, it is advised to skip the cardio exercises altogether.

Calorie surplus high protein diet

This is one of the most important factors to consider while you are looking for ways to get bigger thighs. It will be very hard to bulk up your muscles in the lower body without the proper diet for it. You have to take in enough calories to be able to maintain the body requirements everyday. You can’t go on a diet and expect the workout session to magically increase your thigh size.

Eat regular meals and try to include as much protein as you can. Add protein rich foods such as meat, seafood, beans and eggs in your regular diet. However, it is entirely possible that your regular intake of food will not contain sufficient protein content. You can work around this by using supplements and protein shakes to get the proteins and other nutrients you require. Also, try to stay away from processed sugars and fast foods, if possible.


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How To Get Big Thighs & Curvy Hips: Takeaway

If you want a specific physique, with big thighs and a curvy frame, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Focus on your training program, nutrition plan, and your supplementation. If you can optimize those three things, by adding a combination of strength training and cardio, eating raw whole foods with lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and filling the gaps in your nutrition with key supplements, vitamins, and nutrients, you'll be on your way to bigger thighs and saving lives in no time.

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