Similar Fabletics Leggings 2 for $24 (Only Cheaper)

Similar Fabletics Leggings 2 for $24 (Only Cheaper)

Similar To Fabletics Leggings 2 for $24 (Only Cheaper)

Not To Be Dramatic But I Think These Fabletics Legging Alternatives Are Possibly The Best To Ever Exist for $9.95. Yes, it's true!



For those who are lucky enough to work from home, the past few months have been spent mulling over whether to "dress up for work" or just wear pajamas. Many have found a happy medium in loungewear, activewear, and matching workout sets.

Quarantine has certainly changed the way we think about clothes and how we dress when no one is looking. It seems like a lifetime ago we were keeping our eye on what the spring and summer fashion trends of 2020 would be. Now, our midi skirts and leopard print heels have been traded in for stretchy pants, bralettes, and bike shorts.

While it's worth investing in activewear like these top-rated leggings from Zella and Lululemon, or a sustainable matching set from Girlfriend Collective, it can get expensive to exclusively stock your closet with fancy fitness gear—like $150 an outfit expensive.

It's also a little unrealistic now that many of us are wearing activewear all of the time.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives

If you're looking to stock up on activewear for less, we've rounded up a few budget-friendly and size-inclusive matching sets from Core 10 on Amazon that GymDeity now stocks for cheap!

Take a look below:


Similar Fabletics Leggings: High-Rise Leggings


NKD Free Leggings

You can wear them for low-impact workouts, like Pilates and yoga (and lounging on the couch), or during high-impact HIIT cardio classes. The material is really breathable, so even if you're sweating a lot during workouts, the leggings don't get swampy.

You will love these Free NKD Leggings. They come in so many colors. They have a nice high waist, good stretch, and stay up when training. They're ridiculously comfortable, too. The best part is that they're priced at just $15 with free shipping.

There's also a version of these leggings with pockets if that's your thing!

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Similar Fabletics Powerhold Leggings


Gym Day Workout Sets Under ($20)

Complete your chic style with these super cute two-piece sets. Look great, feel even better in Gym Day Active Legging Set. Signature, high-rise waist, buttery-soft NKD fabric, and these matching workout sets bring some luxury without the price tag.

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Best Fabletics Lookalikes From NKD Collection

Ready to shop affordable activewear for women?

If you aren't... it's understandable. Making the shift away from favorite brands like Fabletics can be very difficult. If you currently have Fabletics leggings favorites, here are some dupes to make the shift easier. Happy shopping and happy saving!

Check out these Similar Fabletics sale 2 for $24 (only cheaper). Get the best deals on your new favorite full-length leggings at GymDeity.

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