5 Cheeky Butt Sculpting Leggings

5 Cheeky Butt Sculpting Leggings

5 Best Butt-Lifting Pairs of Leggings for 2023

Butt-Sculpting Leggings That Reviewers Are Completely Obsessed With


Let’s be honest: no one wants their butt to look bad in a pair of leggings. That’s why we invest in leggings that make our behinds look great—both while exercising and for everyday wear. When shopping for a pair of booty leggings, look for ones that feel comfortable, breathe easily, wick away moisture, and prevent see-through during deep squats.

To help you find the right pair of butt-lifting leggings, we explored a variety of options available online and read what reviewers had to say. Based on our research, these are some of the best butt-lifting leggings you can get cheap right now.

And if you’re just looking for some fitness apparel for the gym, lounging, or running, we have a full guide on some great gym leggings for you to check out as well.

Best for the Bold Babe - Cheeky Leggings


Our dreams have become a reality, my friends, because there’s a way that you can make your butt look poppin’ (like, literally) without having to do any type of workout or bbl surgery. Yes, I’m saying that you could have a juicy peach-emoji booty instantly, even if you don’t do a single squat ever! Again! Let me let you in on the magic: Get yourself a pair of butt-sculpting leggings ASAP.

Seriously. That’s all you gotta do. You’ll be shooketh to learn that brands are taking things to the next level by strategically placing seams, colors, and lifting materials in all the right areas so that booty will appear super plump...even if it’s really not. (Shout-out to my fellow itty bitty booty peeps).

If you really want to make your booty POP!, it's time to invest in the wonder that is butt-lifting leggings. When you have these in your closet, you'll never have to go through the pain and sweat of 100 lunges a day or hit the Stairmaster again—unless you want to, of course.

Best for When You’re on the Go - Marble Leggings


You'll never feel as confident in the gym as you do in a pair of booty leggings. Designed to hug your curves in all the right places, these buttery soft, performance-driven fabrics will fit you perfectly whether you're just starting your fitness journey or have been on it for a while.

Each pair of leggings features what we like to call the "scrunch butt" fit, where the fabric dips down just enough to pull those cheeks up and make your booty look firm and rounded. The magic is in the ruched and our Butt Lifting leggings. with scrunch come in a lot of different colors, cuts, and styles, making it easy for every bombshell to find her perfect pair.

Best for a Lazy Sunday - Net Scrunch Leggings


Be your own motivation in a pair of ruched leggings or shorts. All of our butt scrunch leggings feature a high waist, but some of those waists dip into a V-cut while others stay straight. To ensure the most comfortable and flattering fit possible, we've have pair of leggings without a front seam, giving you more freedom to move without any restriction, pinching, or rubbing. Some of our booty leggings do feature princess side seams in order to provide you with the most accentuated fit.

Best for a More Subtle Lift - Tiktok Leggings


Known as the TikTok leggings, these high-waist leggings are a big hit with online influences, both for casual wear and workouts. A while back, our team tested them out first hand. The fabric is buttery soft polyester and spandex blends, making them sweat-resistant and squat-proof with a breathable four-way stretch to keep you cool even during your toughest workouts.

You won't just look great while you exercise, go on errands, or lounge around your house--you'll also feel great.

Best for the Gym Rat - Peachy Bunz Leggings


The best pairs of leggings are flattering all around. That means they don’t only sculpt and contour our legs and stomach, but they provide a booty lift as well! These five pairs we’ve picked above are the best of the best right now when it comes to butt-lifting leggings:

Our mission is to provide you with the trendiest and most affordable styles to workout in and order to help you feel curvy, comfortable, and beautiful. Enjoy wearing scrunch booty leggings that stay in place no matter how you choose to move in them. 


Many customers say that these leggings make their butt look good and feel pretty comfortable. Made of both polyester and spandex, they provide four-way stretch for a variety of movements. They also dry quickly, breathe easily, and feel light on your legs.


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