18 Best Black Leggings for Anything or Nothing

The 18 Best Black Leggings for Anything or Nothing

It's official: We're never taking these off.

Chances are that after a year of prioritizing pared-down, comfortable clothing, you too have learned that the best black leggings have, without question, earned their spot as a must wardrobe essential. We might go as far as to say buttery soft leggings are the unsung hero of everyday life, and we wouldn’t be alone in this: The infinitely versatile loungewear staple remains a favorite among everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gigi Hadid.

Blame the Outdoor Voices phenomenon, but the athleisure essential has become a no-brainer for doing pretty much anything (or nothing). And its popularity shows no sign of stopping: With retailers from Lululemon to Everlane offering high-quality designs for all body types, there are plenty of options to choose from online. From super-soft yoga leggings to moisture-wicking, full-length leggings for a long run, these black leggings are in various styles.

Ahead, the best black leggings to level up your daily routine.

You can wear black leggings to work or workout. OKAY, lets be honest for any occasion. They're the "I don't care" option for when you need some extra coverage and style but still want to feel comfortable.

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