Instagram Fitness Brands Everyone's Obsessed With

5 Affordable Activewear Brands Everyone's Obsessed With

Upgrade your workout attire with these workout & gym clothing brands. 

Affordable Brands Like Gymshark


Some of us spend 99 percent of our days dressed in activewear as frequent gym goers, personal trainers, fitness influencers or yoga instructors. Wearing stretchy, elastic, and sweat-wicking leggings, sports bras, and sets (literally). Given that the gym and yoga studio serve as our second homes, why spend hundreds of dollars on new workout gear when you don't have to?

Save money by shopping at some of our favorite gym brands discovered on Instagram. You'll recognize the ones we're talking about if you follow any celeb trainers, social media influencer or "fitspo" feeds, such as Gymshark, nvgtn, and others. But which ones are actually worth buying?

Here are the top five Instagram famous activewear brands RN.

1. Gymshark

gymshark womens


Are you even a fitness influencer if you don't own a pair of Gymshark leggings and a matching crop top? I'm pretty sure it's not possible. I own a pair of the brand's iconic leggings and can attest to their quality and breathability. Many shoppers are also fans of Gymshark's new seamless line (which contains shorts, leggings, and sports bras) along with the men's collection—all of which feature the recognizable shark logo.

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2. NVGTN | Navigation

nvgtn leggings

According to website traffic data from SimilarWeb, Navigation is the fastest-growing activewear brand of 2022. While reviewers recommend Nvgtn's breezy tank tops, sports bras, and cozy joggers, the leggings are a favorite among fans. And their best-selling Contour seamless leggings because they're comfortable and make the booty look amazing.

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3. Aurolaus

What makes Aurolaus different from other activewear brands? Not only is its design inspired by Alphalete effortless gym wear style, but the growing brand also focuses on other dupes that look alike and each piece is designed to be as functional as it is fashionable. If you're thinking about trying to snag a few pairs of Alphalete leggings but don’t really wanna pay for FOMO marketing/ social media hype making them kinda pricy. Try their Alphalete dupes.

Shop Aurolaus Seamless Intensify Leggings

4. BuffBunny


There's more than one reason why BuffBunny has nearly 600,000 fans on Instagram. The activewear brand not only offers inclusive sizing from XS to XXXL and an assortment of stunning sports bras, leggings, joggers, and more, but it's also praised for its high performance. Reviewers gush that you can wear your pieces time and time again during even the most intense of workouts without worrying about ripping or pilling. For the most stylish gym-goers, BuffBunny is a great option with unique items like one-shoulder bras and velour bike shorts.

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5. GymDeity Affordable Activewear 

Meet the cult-favorite affordable activewear brand that makes leggings that remotely compare to the popular Lululemon Aligns. Womens athletic wear alternatives to lululemon. They're NKD leggings are buttery soft and strike the perfect balance of stretchy and compressive. Other best-selling picks include Scrunch Butt Leggings , and nvgtn dupes.

Even some Instagram favorite fitness influencers like @yababeth and @amandaeliselee wear the fitness brand, too.

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