5 Best Scrunch Bum Gym Leggings

The scrunch bum gym leggings are ideal for showing off your hard work and boosting your confidence at the gym. They give you that extra oomph to feel like a queen while working out.

Experience an instant transformation as you slip into these leggings. Feel like a whole new person as they sculpt and enhance your backside, giving you the desired rounded look.

The scrunch bum gym leggings have gained immense popularity in the past year. The credit goes to numerous celebrities who have been spotted donning them. And let me tell you, they truly deserve the hype. These leggings are incredibly flattering and provide excellent squat-proof coverage. What more could you possibly ask for?

With so many clothing companies joining the trend, choosing the right pair of scrunch bum leggings can be a challenge. But worry not! We've done the hard work for you. Here are the top 5 scrunch bum leggings, handpicked to simplify your decision-making process.

What Are Bum Scrunch Leggings?

Bum scrunch leggings are designed with a unique feature called the 'scrunch'. This detail is strategically placed at the beginning of the tailbone and extends just below the waistband.

The cleverly positioned scrunch accentuates your glutes, creating the illusion of a fuller and rounder appearance to the booty – not a bad thing, right!

Not only do they provide the essential features of high-quality leggings (squat-proof, non-see-through, and stay in place), but they also have the added advantage of making you look absolutely stunning!

Be prepared to potentially get distracted from your workout as you might find yourself spending more time capturing belfies (butt selfies) instead!

1. Cheeky Scrunch Leggings

Cheeky scrunch leggings - Royal Blue

Prepare to turn heads with these seamless bum scrunch gym leggings. Created with a special blend of nylon and spandex, they work like magic to enhance your backside.

These scrunch butt leggings not only boast a stylish appearance but also pass the squat test with flying colors. The rear contouring design further accentuates your booty, while the 4-way stretch fabric ensures optimal comfort during your workouts.

We understand your dedication to building up those glutes at the gym, and now it's time to flaunt the results.

Exciting news! The Cheeky Scrunch collection now offers matching shorts, sports bra, and crop top. This complete set is bound to become your go-to ensemble for everyday wear.

Price - $22.95

25 Colors available. Click Here to Buy

2. Tie Dye Marble Scrunch Butt Leggings

Tie dye marble scrunch butt leggings

Spice up your workout wardrobe with our tie-dye leggings. If your current collection feels a bit dull, these bum scrunch leggings are exactly what you need to add a pop of color and style.

Indulge in the luxurious comfort of these leggings, crafted with a nylon/elastane blend that feels like a second skin. The high-waisted design not only offers exceptional comfort but also works wonders in flattening the tummy and providing the extra coverage you desire.

The scrunch butt design graciously accentuates the curves of your buttocks, providing that desired round and peachy look. Rest assured, these leggings have passed the squat test, so you can confidently focus on your booty-building squats without worrying about them going see-through.

Price - $21.98

30 Colors available. Click Here to Buy

3. Honeycomb Scrunch Bum Leggings

Honeycomb scrunch bum leggings

Transform your booty from good to amazing the moment you slip into these leggings. Crafted with a textured fabric, they provide an extra lift to your booty while effectively hiding any imperfections or cellulite.

Unlike other leggings, these are made with a thicker material, guaranteeing you never have to worry about embarrassing rips or see-through moments. They've got you covered in every aspect.

These super-hot scrunch bum leggings are not just ideal for the gym; you can confidently wear them anytime. Heading out for a coffee? Just throw them on and go!

Price - $8.99

20 Colors available. Click Here to Buy

4. Runched Bum Seamless Gym Leggings

Runched butt seamless gym leggings - Grey

Introducing the ultimate scrunch bum gym leggings that will make your booty pop! Crafted with a polyamide/spandex material, these leggings offer incredible stretchiness, while the scrunched rear lifts and shapes your behind, creating that desired peachy look.

These workout leggings are ingeniously designed to enhance your assets and are the original scrunch bum leggings. With a form-flattering and simple design, they can be effortlessly paired with any sports bra, crop top, or t-shirt, ensuring you look your absolute best.

Featuring a 4-way stretch fabric, these leggings provide a secure fit that stays in place throughout your entire workout, eliminating the need to adjust them mid-session.

Price - $24.89

25 Colors available. Click Here to Buy

5. TikTok Scrunch Bum Leggings

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TikTok Scrunch bum gym leggings

Achieve the perfect shape and lift for a peachy booty with the trendy TikTok Scrunch leggings. Just like the Honeycomb Scrunch Bum Leggings, these leggings feature a textured material that effectively covers cellulite and imperfections.

Designed to pass the squat-proof test, these leggings offer full control for your bum and tummy with their high-waist design, keeping you snug yet flexible. They are super stretchy, sweat-wicking, and quick-drying, ticking all the boxes for the ideal gym leggings.

With their thicker material, you can feel confident and protected from any potential mishaps, especially during deep squats. The unique material blend ensures you remain comfortable throughout your entire workout session.

Price - $15.99

5 Colors available. Click Here to Buy

Best Scrunch Bum Leggings – Final Say

Need an extra boost of confidence at the gym? Look no further than the scrunch bum gym leggings. These leggings have the power to instantly transform your backside, making you feel like a million dollars before you even step foot in the gym.

While their appearance is impressive, it's essential to ensure they meet durability standards. Rest assured, our selection of 5 favorite scrunch bum gym leggings has been thoroughly squat-tested. They are also sweat-wicking, quick-drying, non-see-through, and incredibly comfortable. With these leggings, you can focus on your workout without any worries.

As a reward for reading through the article, you are entitled to a special 10% discount on these fantastic booty leggings. Simply use the discount code 'IG10' at the checkout to redeem your discount.

Enjoy your savings and happy shopping!

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