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Slutty Vegan - The Slutty Way!

Slutty Vegan - The Slutty Way!

Slutty Vegan 100% plant based burger joint.

Slutty Vegan  The Slutty Way!

About Slutty Vegan

Slutty Vegan is a vegan hamburger restaurant chain based in Atlanta (ATL) that serves the best vegan food in the city. They are known for their creative take on vegan burgers and have gained popularity among locals and even celebrities.

The Rise and Rise of Slutty Vegan

Founded in 2018, Slutty Vegan has grown rapidly since its inception. The chain emerged from the ashes of Pinky Cole's previous restaurant venture, Pinky's Jamaican and American eatery, which unfortunately closed due to a kitchen fire. In 2018, Cole began formulating her plans for Slutty Vegan.

Initially, Slutty Vegan operated as a takeout spot, with a shared kitchen space for food preparation and social media for order placement. Word quickly spread, and what started as a few orders soon turned into hundreds. To keep up with the demand, Slutty Vegan expanded by purchasing a food truck and eventually opening brick and mortar restaurants, all of which have consistently attracted queues of satisfied customers.

Pinky Cole's success with Slutty Vegan has led to multiple product deals for herself and distribution of Slutty Vegan dips at various grocery chains in Atlanta. Costco, for example, even placed a 60,000 unit order. Additionally, Beyond Meat (BYND) has partnered with the Atlanta-based restaurant chain.

Slutty Vegan Burger

According to an interview with Forbes, a customer described Slutty Vegan's appeal: "I had never seen vegan food presented in such a fun way. Leaders are often defined by the degree to which people want to follow them, and I saw people following the leader."

Despite being a regional chain, Slutty Vegan has gained national recognition. Celebrities like Tyler Perry and Shaquille O'Neal have claimed Slutty Vegan as their favorite restaurant. Cole, the founder of Slutty Vegan, now has plans for significant national expansion.

Slutty Vegan

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