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Yeezy Slides Dupe are Going Viral on TikTok

$22 Cheap Women Yeezy Slides, Going Viral on TikTok 

  Here are the best Yeezy slides dupes, cheap look alikes, and alternatives.


The Yeezy Slide is a futuristic take on the traditional slip-on sandal by Kanye West.

If you're a fan of the fashion and music crossover, then you know how popular Yeezy slides are right now. The rubber and waterproof unisex sandals have taken over soles everywhere, thanks to their versatile neutral shades and functionality.

Maybe the hottest everyday sandal slides, possibly every made and are perpetually always sold out. New yeezy slides not only are they fuss and waterproof (making them perfect for pool and beach days) but they’re also just downright cool. yeezy sandals dupe are a fashion must have essential. 

These Yeezy slides dupes perfectly wrap around your feet. Customers are raving about how they feel like walking on a cloud. The best part is that they are under $22 with free shipping!

 yeezy slides dupe
 yeezy slides dupe

The yeezy slides dupe.

When it comes to footwear, no brand does it like ye. They have everything, from flattering clothing that double as streetwear to cozy slides that make your chill days at home so much chicer, but what they don’t have are affordable options under $25. This is where Yeezy dupes come in. If you put in a good chunk of time and effort, you can usually find more affordable alternatives to things like
yeezy 350 womens and yeezy 700 womens. And this holds true for Yeezy styles, too. And right now there’s one Yeezy dupe, in particular, that’s making major waves on TikTok.

The viral yeezy slides women under $22 Yeezy dupes from Gymdeity looks just like the kanye slides. It has the same EVA materials and sizing cut. Good luck trying to buy retail. And the price increases after they sell out. Resell is about $165 and up, though pricing varies depending on the color and size. The Dupe option you will save you $140+ on kanye west slides dupes.

One TikTok user, @emilymadisons, posted a review and showed just how versatile it is. She styled it alone, with a blazer, layered with a sweatshirt and paired with a button-down. Since her video was posted a mere four days ago, it’s already amassed more than 60,000 views and 5,000 likes. Commenters couldn’t believe how similar it looked to the Yeezy Slides Dupe—and neither can reviewers.

 yeezy slides dupe

Amazon Shoppers Call This Best-Selling Slides

Having something like this in your spring and summer arsenal is ideal—it’s incredibly light, comfy, and it’s flattering for showing off your freshly done pretty toes, it can be styled with essentially every type of layer in your closet and it can be dressed up or down in seconds.

If you’re wanting an off-duty model look, wear the slides with a crop shirt, throw on some sunnies and then pair it with your favorite pair of leggings. Going for a dressier look? Add a crewneck, some gold jewelry and slick your hair back in a bun just like Hailey Bieber.

Bone Yeezy Slides $21.95 Free Shipping | Yeezy Slides Dupes.

If you’re worried about the quality of something like this, I totally get it. Sometimes buying sandals on online feels like a shot in the dark. But, take solace in knowing that we vouch for the yeezy women size, look and feel of it.

 yeezy slides dupe

Brown Yeezy Slides $21.95 Free shipping. Yeezy Slides Dupe.

Sizes for this viral kanye west slides each of the 8 colors comes in
yeezy slides sizing options. From women's 5 to 8.5 and men's 9,5 to 12. Keep things neutral in the black, brown, beige, tan  or add a pop of color to your day with pink, violet, blue or red.

 yeezy slides dupe

Tan Yeezy Slides $21.95 Free shipping. Yeezy Slides Dupe.

We delightfully advise getting a few colors while your size is still in stock. You’re about to be living in these comfy yeezy womens sliders. Plus, if you get three of these slides, it’ll still be cheaper than one of kanye west slides. Now that’s some savvy shopping.

Incase your wondering what's the prefect footwear to go with a workout outfit? Check out viral yeezy slides dupe under $22. These yeezy dupes looks just like the women yeezy slides. Also has the same yeezy slides sizing.

Shop Yeezy Women's Slides 

Shop Yeezy Women's Slides

These Pure Slides dupes are soft, thick, and comfortable relieving your foot and joint pain. Wear them for 12+ hours without having any discomfort. Enjoy endless comfort for your feet!!

Yeezy Slides Alternatives

These might be the most popular Yeezy slides alternatives so far. They have a non-slip structure, which makes them easy to put on and take off. Their design is ultra-light, with a soft bottom for comfort. They are also waterproof and extremely breathable.

You don’t need to spend $400 for the Yeezy Pure Slides x Adidas Original. You can get cute, cheap Yeezy slides dupes and alternatives without a hefty price for under $22.

  yeezy slides dupe

 yeezy slides dupe

 yeezy slides dupe

 yeezy sizes for women

 And to close out this list, we handpicked this super cheap $16 pair of slides from SHEIN. The Yeezy knockoffs have a more feminine silhouette without the ridges and a rounded toe. Plus, the light grey shade is a subtle way to add some color while keeping it neutral.

yeezy womens sliders

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