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Where Does Shein Ship From & How Is it So Cheap?

Where Does Shein Ship From & How Is it So Cheap?

You're probably tempted by really cheap prices, but where do Shein clothes come from? Are they good quality items? Are they ethical and sustainable?

where is shein located

Fashion lovers know that keeping up with the latest trends gets expensive, fast.

When popular stores advertise new clothes at unbelievable prices, it is only natural to be little suspicious. Shein is one of those stores that rose to prominence by promoting fashionable items at prices through the floor, sometimes selling garments for as little as 99 cents. Where is Shein from, anyway? How is Shein so cheap?

While the online store has a fair enough reputation when it comes to your order actually arriving, its low prices do come with a catch. Here's what you need to know.

Why Is Shein So Cheap?

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Shein is a legit store to shop at, but there's a good reason why its clothes are so cheap. It may sound a little contradictory, but local clothing lines that operate domestically often cost more than items shipped from overseas. Working conditions and quality standards are not the same between nations.

In general, if you notice something is incredibly cheap, it makes sense to check the tags. More often than not, new products that are suspiciously cheap come from a wholesale factory located in another country. Like many other discount online retailers like Wish , Fashionnova or Ali Express, Shein is no exception.

Where Is Shein Located? Where Do Shein Clothes Come From?

Where Do Shein Clothes Come From

Some stores plant their headquarters in one country while outsourcing their products from other countries, often at a greatly-reduced personal cost. Where are Shein clothes made specifically, though? How is Shein so cheap?

Shein is a company from China, located in Nanjing. While it has a base in China, there is no physical store or chain of shops responsible for managing orders. Shein began as an online retailer that only has occasional pop-up locations around the world, without permanent storefronts. Originally, everything on the site shipped directly from China. Now, the clothing on Shein comes from several wholesale warehouses around the world.

Where is Shein from? Shein is located China, but Shein clothes can come from all over the glob but most items still ship directly from Chinese factories.

In short, Shein produces its clothes in generic wholesale factories to keep its costs at a minimum. While this allows you to buy clothes at dirt-cheap prices, it poses an ethical dilemma. The working standards of Shein seamstresses are controversial, to say the least. According to the BBC, some Shein warehouse workers work upwards of 75 hours a week.

The company pays workers significantly lower wages and offers fewer benefits compared to domestic workers, if any at all. This type of practice is not uncommon for clothing retailers.

Many famous companies receive harsh criticism when linked to unethical and dishonest practices. It’s the price society pays to save a quick buck, but moral dilemmas aren’t the only problem associated with these “imported” items. How is Shein so cheap? You might be paying extra on the back-end when you need to replace what you buy much sooner than expected.

Is Shein Good Quality?


Where Do Shein Clothes Come From

So the old saying goes: you really do get what you pay for. And this concept is never more relevant than it is here. You should not expect clothes you get through Shein to be top-quality. They're definitely inexpensive for a reason, but not every Shein purchase will end up being a tragic rip-off.

Sometimes, you end up with clothes that last for years. Other items lose their shape or color after a couple of trips through the washing machine.

When looking for something on Shein, remember to pay close attention to the reviews. You should also commit yourself to a bit of research on the type of garment that's caught your eye, as well as any drawbacks associated with the material used or the cut.

Should I Purchase Clothes From Shein?

Buying clothes from Shein is a personal choice, and there are many factors to consider. Ethics aside, there are people that shop regularly from Shein and happy with the service. You could very well end up being one of them.

The company offers fashionable women's clothing online at SHEIN, but these things should never be taken strictly at face value. Read up about Shein reviews online, and see where the cards end up falling for you.

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