The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings

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 What to wear under workout leggings 

Your underwear can make all the difference when you wear leggings.

The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings

We’ve all had those days when we put together a brilliant outfit…and then had it ruined by frilly or too-thick panties. That’s where the best seamless underwear comes in. These no-show undies are the foundation of so many great looks (they’re an unsung wardrobe essential!) and the solution to avoiding pesky visible panty lines without having to go full commando—though that might be your thing, of course.

Beyond the classic laser-cut styles you may be familiar with, there’s now an abundance of seam-free options (in very cute colors, might we add) that deliver on the “naked” feeling you want, while still being super supportive for all-day wear.

Whether you’re looking for high-waist briefs to pair with workout leggings or want a next-to-nothing thong to wear under sheer summer dresses, there’s a do-it-all option out there for you. Ahead, the best seamless underwear to add to your top drawer now.

The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings

When you find the perfect pair of seamless underwear, it’s like finding a new and true friend. It allows you to feel comfortable and confident in the way you look and move, and you can trust that when it makes a promise (e.g., to keep you line-free in every outfit), it’ll pull through every time.

When it comes to workouts we are all about yoga pants, comfy workout leggings, and sports bras that are not suffocating. On the other side of the coin are the neglected underwears. For most of us, the choices include the ones that are clean, whatever available, and the ones that are not too tight. In other words, we hardly ever pay attention to the panties we are putting on before a workout session.

Best No Show underwear for workout leggings
To make choice and shopping easier for you we have made our recommendation for the no-show underwear that is ideal for workout leggings.

Don’t worry! We have taken into account the personal preferences of women and have narrowed down the top class articles from all the major categories.

For instance, if you prefer hip-huggers over thongs, then you can choose the listed product from your favorite categories. Let’s take a look at our recommendations

Our recommendations:
For your convenience, we have listed some of our tops picks that are perfect to be worn under workout leggings. For an all-rounder approach and to cater to the individual preferences of type of underwear we choose the best three styles from all the major categories.

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1. Seamless No Show Thong for workout leggings

Not only is this thong super-soft, but with its laser-cut edges, panty lines won’t stand a chance. Plus, the fit is so spot-on you won’t need to make any awkward wardrobe adjustments during yoga class. “They don't move around, And the fact that they have cotton lining helps keep you covered if you discover your leggings are more sheer than you thought!”


The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings
The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings
The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings
The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings

2.Seamless No Show Panties for workout leggings

Gymdeity brings you no show hip hugger panties that is perfect for any type of workout. It can effortlessly be worn under the workout leggings without any accidental shows. The perfect feature is that it is low rise cut, which is not visible even when you are wearing a cropped top or sports bra.

It is a blended fabric that is moisture-wicking and does not let the fluid accumulate. Moreover, it comes in a variety of shades that vary from nudes to bright reds. You can easily wash it in the machine. In addition to that, it is seamless hence you will not have to worry about any kind of panty lines.


The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings
The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings

These signature panties are best if you are looking for low to medium rise to pair with a sports bra or crop top.

3.Hiphugger seamless underwear for workout leggings:

When it comes to hip-hugger underwear and the perfect blend of materials for the panties. Say goodbye to the visible panty lines with the laser cut perfectly fitted fabric. These underpants have the perfect blend of fabric types that makes them hug the buttock with coverage while enhancing your curves. With the full back coverage, you will not have to worry about the slip-downs.

It is super smooth against the skin and feels like you are not wearing anything under the leggings. Buy the pack of five and get all workout days covered. There is a variety in sizes as well as the colors of this seamless underwear. If you are not a very big fan of elastic in the fabric, then these panties are perfect for you. Zero stitches on the edge make them a non-VPL (visible panty lines) among the hip huggers.


The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings
The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings

These panties have the best blend of fabric that is elastic-free. They are comfy and edge at the same time.

Buying Guide of  No-show Underwear for Workout Leggings

The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings

Do you have to wear underwear with leggings?

Wearing underwear and going commando are two workout approaches that are often debated to choose the best one. Both approaches seem to work well with different people as it is mostly a matter of preference. Moreover, we don’t tend to pay attention to underpants while buying them specifically for the workout. Most underwears are too tight for the workout or are not comfortable enough. Thus, we end up choosing not to wear underneath workout leggings.

However, we recommend that one should always put one. The reason behind this is that our lady parts are sensitive and prone to bacterial growth. Going commando can sometimes cause chaffing and irritate the skin around the area. Moreover, if your leggings are not wicking away the moisture, there will be a sweaty buildup. Wet places are breeding grounds for bacteria and yeast. Thus there is a possibility of infection. Underwear will absorb the sweat and will keep your lady parts from getting too wet from the sweat. Hence, wearing underwear is a good choice for workouts.

What to wear under workout leggings?

The next question is what to wear? With the blooming undergarment industry, we have too many choices even when it comes to underpants. Moreover, many of the products are wrongly marketed as something else just so the consumers will buy them. Thus, buying the right kind of seamless underwear can be a troublesome job.

Luckily, we have search the internet far and wide in the activewear community. And the one prominent recommendation is to worn under workout leggings is no show seamless thongs. These are the minimalistic type of underwear that offers minimum coverage but are not visible under the leggings. There are other options as well, like boy shorts and high-waist underwear. It always depends on the personal preference that what does a person wants to wear and what style they are most comfortable in.

Why you should pay attention to your workout underwear?

There are several reasons why you should pay close attention to what you wrap around your butt. Firstly, workout leggings are no doubt very comfy, but at the same time, they are very revealing. Panty lines and seams are often very visible, which can become a source of discomfort and you will get conscious. Consequently, it will affect your workout routine and to make it less revealing you will try to restrict the movement. Secondly, the issues of wedgies and slip that we all suffer from can also get annoying in a workout. Thus, your daily loosely fit, worn-out underwear won’t do the job. Lastly, workouts ought to get sweaty and microorganisms love the dark and damp place. To avoid potential yeast infection proper underwear beneath the workout leggings is a must.

What underwear doesn’t show under leggings?

The thing about yoga pants and workout leggings is that they cling to the skin very closely. They define the shape, thus anything you wear under it will be visible. How can you avoid that? The answer to this question is that you choose no show underwear that don’t show underneath the leggings. We have listed our top recommendations of types of underwear that are no show.


Thongs are minimal underwear that have very limited coverage on the buttocks. It is the reason why they are not visible even under the fitted pair of leggings.


Hiphuggers are panties of inspired underwear that have fuller butt coverage and end just beneath the curve of the gluts. Since they don’t come over the buttocks, there are no panty lines.

No show panties

Seamless perfect fits have no fold and stitched fabric along the boundary. They are made of elastic material that fits perfectly, thus there is no overlapping or extra fabric eliminating any showing lines.

How to wear leggings Without Underwear Lines or Panty Lines?

Ways you can wear leggings without underwear are by going commando or wearing a substitute for underwear. Body fitters and bikers shorts are also amazing alternatives to underwear. One thing that you should remember is that choose the light and moisture-wicking fabric. Otherwise, you will get too sweaty post-workout.

Another option is to go commando. However, it might not work well if you tend to sweat a lot or have vaginal discharges. Moreover, choose comfy and soft yoga pants so movements may not lead to irritation.

The Best No-Show Underwear for Workout Leggings


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