Theodora Moutinho (@teddybearosito) aka Ms Booty Gains

Theodora Moutinho (@teddybearosito) - Aka Ms Booty Gains

Theodora Moutinho is a bikini fitness model, social media influencer, and content creator. She rose to fame on Instagram with her "Booty Gains" flexing. Born in Brazil, she grew up in New York and now lives in Los Angeles, California. Her popularity skyrocketed after joining TikTok.

Theodora Moutinho is not your average influencer. She excels in photography and has a massive following of 4.3 million on both Instagram and TikTok, with 11.5 million likes. Her influence on Instagram is undeniable, captivating her followers, especially her dedicated "Teddy Bear Fans" on platforms like TikTok.

Since 2015, Theodora Moutinho has been sharing photos and videos on Instagram. Her mission is to promote body positivity and fitness while exploring new opportunities and collaborations. She also aspires to start her own business to expand her horizons.


Teddy Moutinho (@teddybearosito.fit)

She has been sponsored by well-known brands such as Prettylittlething and Fashion Nova. She has also collaborated with popular fitness clothing brands like Allure the brand and Gymdeity activewear. Currently, she is dedicated to her own OnlyFans business.

While her body steals the spotlight, Theodora also shares booty workout videos and bikini photos on her OnlyFans account, @teddybearosito, along with leaked content and interactions on Reddit.



In addition to Instagram, she runs an OnlyFans channel where she shares extended and sexy videos demonstrating various techniques and styles. Her channel has already surpassed 1 million subscribers, and there are surely more exciting things to come for Theodora Moutinho (@teddybearosito) aka Ms Booty Gains.



With over four million followers on Instagram, Theodora Moutinho shares a wide range of fashion and fitness-related content. Her posts include technique demonstration videos, modeling shots, progress pictures with inspirational comments, and other fashion-related content.


Theodora Moutinho, also known as Teddy Moutinho and @teddybearosito.fit, is a social media influencer. She empowers women to feel confident in their own skin.

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