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Tammy Hembrow: From Social Media Star to Boss Babe

Tammy Hembrow aka tammyhembrow

From Social Media Star to Boss Babe

Tammy Hembrow, the renowned social media influencer, has not only captured millions of followers but has also built a multi-million-dollar business empire. Her journey from humble beginnings to residing in a lavish mansion is an inspiring tale of success in the digital age. Let's delve into her story and learn how she turned her social media presence into a thriving business.

Mastering Social Media

With over 15.4 million followers on Instagram, Tammy Hembrow has surpassed her peers in terms of audience reach. This massive following has become the cornerstone of her success, providing a launchpad for her entrepreneurial ventures. Through her popular platforms, she has introduced fitness app Tammy Fit and clothing brand Saski Collection, both of which have enjoyed significant success.

Seizing Opportunities

Tammy's path to success began during her time at Bond University, where she studied business. A pivotal moment came when she enrolled in an entrepreneurship class and realized her true calling. Driven to be her own boss, she dropped out of university and ventured into the world of business.

Overcoming Challenges

Tammy's journey wasn't without hurdles. She candidly shares her experiences of being taken advantage of and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars due to misplaced trust. These setbacks taught her valuable lessons about caution and the importance of seeking expert advice before making important business decisions.

Timing and Standing Out

Tammy acknowledges that her early entry into social media platforms like Instagram played a significant role in her success. However, she believes that aspiring influencers can still achieve their goals, despite increased competition. The key lies in finding unique ways to stand out in today's saturated market.


Tammy Hembrow's rise from a social media sensation to a thriving businesswoman serves as an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs. Through her tenacity, she transformed her online presence into a lucrative empire, all while facing and overcoming challenges along the way.

Aspiring influencers can learn valuable lessons from Tammy's journey and use her success as motivation to carve their own paths in the digital world.

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