Strength Training (for Moms)

Strength Training (for Moms)

Strength Training 101: How to Get Started (for Moms)

Transform Your Mom Bod with these Simple Strength Training Exercises!

As a busy mom, you can’t afford not to be strong, taking care of your family often takes priority over taking care of yourself. However, it's important to prioritize your health and wellness so that you can better care for your loved ones. One way to do this is through strength training.

Strength training is a type of exercise that involves using resistance, such as weights or bodyweight, to build and tone muscles. It's not just for bodybuilders or athletes, but for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and fitness.

If you're new to strength training, it can seem overwhelming or intimidating. But with a few simple tips, you can get started on the right foot.

First, start with bodyweight exercises. These are exercises that use your own body weight as resistance, such as squats, lunges, and push-ups. They are a great way to build a foundation of strength before adding weights.

Next, add in some weights. You can start with dumbbells or kettlebells, or use resistance bands or even household items, like water bottles or cans, as weights. Aim to gradually increase the weight or resistance you use over time.

Don't forget to include rest days in your strength training routine. This allows your muscles time to recover and grow stronger. It's also important to pair strength training with a healthy diet and cardio exercise for overall health and fitness benefits.

Finding time to exercise as a busy mom can be difficult. Try to incorporate short workouts into your day, such as doing a few bodyweight exercises during commercials or going for a quick walk during your lunch break.

Strength training can help you improve your overall health and fitness, boost your confidence, and set a good example for your kids. So why not give it a shot right now? If you still need convincing, consider the five reasons why listed below.

5 Reasons Why Women (Especially Moms) Should Lift Weights

No, you won't end up looking like a bodybuilder (unless you want to).

Top 5 reasons why it’s time to hit the weights (at least once a week):

1. You’ll Lose Belly Fat

While it is true that you can’t spot reduce—your body is born with pre-conceived places it wants to store fat (hello baby bearing hips)—a University of Alabama study found that the women who lifted weights lost more intra-abdominal fat (deep belly fat) than those who just did cardio. It’s critical to boost resistance training to help boost growth hormone—which is aids in fat-burning. This not only helps you slim your waistline and feel better in your clothes, but it also lessens your risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and some cancers.


2. You’ll Feel Empowered

Lifting weights—and building strength as a result—comes with a big self-esteem boost. Your strength will not only show in your lean, toned body, but also in your attitude and ability to tackle parenting. “I feel so bad-ass, and empowered when I lift weights”.

3. Your Clothes Will Fit Better

Research shows that between the ages of 30 and 50, you’ll likely lose 10 percent of your body’s muscle mass. And unfortunately, muscle mass will decrease, and likely that fat mass will increase over time. This change increases your waist size because one pound of fat takes up 18 percent more space than one pound of muscle.

4. You’ll Prevent Injury

Achy hips, sore knees, and a bothersome back do not have to be a part of how your day starts. Strengthening core muscles, and those surrounding and supporting your joints can help prevent injuries by helping you maintain good posture, as well as strengthening joint integrity. As you know, it’s strenuous work to take care of your little ones!

5. You’ll Increase Your Metabolism & Torch Body Fat

You may have been told that cardio is the ultimate fat burner, but that effect stops the minute you hop off the treadmill. Build more muscle and you’ll keep your body burning fat all day long. In fact, a study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that women who did weight training burned an average of 100 more calories during the 24 hours after their training session ended.

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