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Small Fitness Brands On Instagram, Everyone's Obsessed With.


Upgrade your workout attire with these activewear brands.


As an avid gym-goer, personal trainer, and yoga teacher, I spend 99 percent of my days in activewear. Leggings, crop tops, sports bras, hoodies—if it's stretchy, elastic, and sweat-wicking, I'm in (literally). Given that the weight room and yoga studio are my second homes, I consider myself an expert on workout clothes and have spent hundreds on new gear in 2022 alone.

Some of your best activewear purchases can come from the fitness brands you seen all over Instagram. If you follow any female fitness influencers or "fitspo" feeds, you probably know the ones I'm talking about, including GymDeity, BuffBunny, Navigation and others.  Below are 5 of the most popular small Instagram-famous activewear brands of 2022 that people—myself included—own.

1. BuffBunny

BuffBunny big girls workout too

There's more than one reason why BuffBunny has nearly 600,000 fans on Instagram. The activewear brand not only offers inclusive sizing from XS to XXXL and an assortment of sports bras, leggings, joggers, and more.

Reviewers mention that you can wear your pieces time and time again without worrying about ripping or pilling. BuffBunny is a great option with unique items like one-shoulder bras and velour bike shorts.


2. PcheeBum


Meet the cult-favorite activewear brand that is one of the few the brands who makes leggings that remotely compare to the popular nvgtn leggings.

NVGTN alternatives are popular and well known for their glute-enhancing contour leggings. They also have the bike shorts, sports bras, and matching sets. You've likely been seeing everywhere, if not already.


 3. Oner Active

effortless seamless leggings

Oner Active has been popping up all over Instagram feed for the last few months—and I'm not complaining about it. The effortless seamless leggings brand has a wide variety of stylish activewear, like sports bras with trendy cut-outs and detailing and cropped hoodies and t-shirts that people say look as good as they feel. 




They’ve built a massive following simply by advertising their customers on their Instagram page. This women’s activewear company has started to take the internet by storm with their NVGTN legging that feature under butt contouring. 

Navigation (@nvgtn)


5. GymDeity

marble scrunch leggings GymDeity

GymDeity has gained nearly 400,000 fans on Instagram for its affordable activewear. Top fitness influencers like @yababeth, and @abbyberner, love the brand's popular scrunch butt leggings and shorts raving they're lightweight, breathable, and functional as well as fashionable.

Reviewers mention they are one of the cheapest place in the USA to buy cute workout clothes online. Other best-selling styles include trendy butt shorts for $7.95 and dupes nvgtn leggings for $19.95! Free shipping on all orders.


The great thing about activewear brands on instagram is that you can admire cute workout clothes and then own it at the click of a button. Happy shopping!

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