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5 Best Skims Dupes You Can Buy Starting at Just $10

5 Best Skims Dupes You Can Buy Starting at Just $10

There’s no feeling worse than falling in love with a piece of clothing, skincare, or beauty essential only to realize that it’s way, way out of your price range. We’ve all been there. But, that’s where the beauty of dupe goodies come in. Because we’re such fans of these affordable, shopper-approved alternatives, we’ve put in a good amount of effort into finding the absolute best dupes on the market. We’ve found everything from Skims short dupes to skims underwear dupe, but we’re not stopping there.

See, we’ve combined our love of finding dupes with our favorite past-time—watching TikToks—and are happy to announce that there are a shocking amount of incredible Skims dupes out there, and at none other than Gymdeity (which, btw, prices are in the middle of an early Black Friday sale RN).

These Skims dupes are all thanks to the incredible TikTok users out there who are providing a seriously under-appreciated public service by posting their finds to the internet, so we’re giving them some love by highlighting their finds below. All in all, we found seven Skims alternatives that look so incredibly similar to the Kim Kardashian brand’s pieces, that we had to do a triple-take at some styles. They include bralette, Sets, and Boyshorts styles that are a small fraction of the Skims price. Like, seriously, some of these items start at just $10.

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Below, check out the seven best Skims dupes you can buy at GymDeity. Your wallet will thank you.


Skims Bodysuit Dupe

According to TikTok user @crystallaurenskin, this one-piece bodysuit makes for a seriously impressive Skims bodysuit dupe. It only comes in black, grey, brown and tan shades, but the $50 you’ll save buying this affordable alternative makes up for it.

Bodysuit Scrunch Romper… $15.95


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Skims Cozy Knit Dupe

If you’re looking for something as comfy as it is cute, these Skims Cozy Knit set dupes are for you. In @mariahh_taylorr’s TikTok, you can see just how furry this lounge set is. The Colsie yarn shorts  and matching tank top are dead ringers for Skims’ fan-favorites that together cost $110. The skims dupe alternatives? Just $30 combined.

Colsie Cozy Feather Yarn Lounge Shorts $15


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Skims Rib Shorts Dupe

Now these $15 ribbed shorts might just be the most impressive Skims dupe we’ve seen, and it’s all thanks to @leslieeeeey’s video. They come in similar neutral tones and have a 5.5-inch inseam that’s ideal for wearing with oversized tees, sweatshirts, or the matching top it comes with. Upon first glance, there’s no way these wouldn’t be mistaken for the $34 Skims rib shorts.

Seamless Ribbed Lounge Bike Set… $15


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Skims Cotton Boyshorts Dupe

Quality boyshorts are ideal for kicking back at home, or for wearing under dresses and skirts while you’re out and about. These soft cotton ones cost under $10. Compared to the $22 Skims ones, these have a higher waist and run along a bit further down the leg.

Cotton Boyshorts Mid Thigh… $8.95


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Skims Everyday Scoop Neck Bralette Dupe

Ditch the wired bras that jab at you like it’s their job for this comfortable and stretchy scoop neck bralette. It’s so similar to the Skims Everyday Scoop Neck style that has more than 1,500 rave reviews at amazon, but is half the price. For more Skims bra dupe inspo, check out this TikTok, which shows a bunch of different style options.

Cotton Boyshorts Mid Thigh… $8.95

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