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5 Frankie's Bikinis Dupes + Alternatives

5 Frankie's Bikinis Dupes + Shein Swimsuit Alternatives

We found some dupes of our favorite Swimwear Brands.

Okay, let’s talk bikinis! There are endless bikini shops these days but most of them are pretty pricy. We found some alternatives of our favorite trendy like  Frankie bikinis brands and Shein dupes, we thought we would share them with you. so you can be rocking trendy swimwear this summer without having to break your bank!

Sometimes the price tag on popular swimwear brands like Frankie’s Bikinis isn’t one the average person is happy to cough up. Then they might be looking for Frankie’s Bikinis dupes and alternatives to try out instead.

There are quite a few alternative swim brands with trendy designs that you may end up liking even better!

Frankie’s Bikinis Dupes + Alternatives

Vitamin A Swim

Average of $100 per set

If you’re looking for a similarly-priced alternative that has high-quality pieces that last for many summers to come, we’ve been loving this brand.

They have a variety of styles to choose from and they’re sustainable, so it’s a win-win! Plus, the 30-day return policy ensures you don’t waste your money (there is a $7.99 fee for returns, but this is waived if you’re making an exchange for a different size or product).

Gymshark Swimwear

Average of $20– $40 per set

Another swimwear brand (and cheaper than Frankie’s Bikinis), gymshark swimsuits features high-quality swimsuits but the collection is limited to styles.


Icon Swim

Average of $30– $42 per set

Icon Swim keeps up-to-date with every trend, so it’s a great spot to shop if that’s what you’re looking for! Their swimwear is typically fashion nova , PrettyLittleThing type quality and fit, with many similar styles you’d find at Frankie’s Bikinis (but for cheaper). 


Buffbunny Swimwear

Average of $48 – $72 per set

Another place to find affordable swimwear in trendy styles is, Buffbunny bikinis has a reasonable med-range price selection that’s worth browsing through.

Buffbunny swimwear is designed with every woman in mind. They use high-quality fabrics to create unique bikini sets and one-pieces that fit all body types. That said, they’re great if you want a cute and reasonable price swimsuit!


GymDeity Swimwear

Average of $15 – $22 per set

 frankies bikinis dupe

If you’re looking for cute swim suits, cheeky fits, slutty bikinis and trendy styles, GymDeity is worth checking out. They are a affordable fashion brand and the prices are unbeatable. No matter the color, print, or style you’re feeling, they’ve got you covered. 

They almost always offer 50% below retail, so you can typically score an entire suit for less than $30 (or even under $20)! 

Bottom Line

That sums up some of our favorite Frankie’s Bikini dupes and shein bathing suits alternatives! Whether you’re looking for a more affordable brand, something more sustainable, or just a different brand, we hope you found the perfect bikini fit.

-Gym out!

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