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Sexy Activewear & Workout Clothes for Women

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Work hard and play harder in sexy activewear! Our sports bras, leggings, and fitness tops are the perfect motivation to hit the gym. Whether you're hiking or hitting the yoga mat, Gymdeity is your perfect workout partner!

Sexy Leggings

Bringing Sexy Back To Activewear

When you want to get your sweat on, but also feel like a babe, activewear is the way to go. It comes in all sorts of styles and designs that make it easy for you to find something that works for whatever activity you're into (hello yoga class) or (hey casual Friday!). Walking into the gym can be intimidating, but once you find your favorite workout clothes it becomes much easier.

Look cute and fashionable with our huge selection of affordable activewear sexy sports bras and leggings. With all different types to choose from, it's easy to find a design that fits your needs.

Whether you primarily exercise at home, in the gym, or in a yoga studio, our leggings are designed to move with you. Available in a variety of colorways, you can freshen up your gym wear with our butt scrunch leggings, tiktok bodysuits, gym shorts or matching workout sets.

Sexy Leggings

No matter your style, we've have workout leggings to suit every fit babe! Some of our most popular options include our scrunch leggings, which combine with buttery soft fabric, high waistband for tummy control and scrunch bum makes it one pair of sexy leggings.

Our Leggings offer a compression feel with a high waist, so they'll keep you comfortable without the need to readjust during your workout. Want a pair of leggings that are perfect for hanging out or home workouts? Our Booty Gainz Leggings, which feature seamless knit fabric, a high rise waistband, and a snug (but comfy) fit and booty contour for a cheeky look.

Do you like how layered tees or hoodies look with one-piece jumpsuits? Join the trend with our Honeycomb Bodysuits, which feature built-in sports bras, a scrunch butt, no front seams, and a very supportive structure. You'll be as confident as ever in the gym or studio with these options, and you'll be able to wear them as athleisure wear as well. 

Sexy Leggings

Our pocket leggings and shorts are simply too chic to wear in just one place! That's right- wearing your gym clothes around town or a night out is totally acceptable these days...and we've got some super cute stuff so you can do just that! 

Sexy Leggings

Find Sexy Gym Wear, including Leggings, Sports Tops and more from our Activewear collection.

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Sexy Leggings


What are the best workout leggings or shorts?

The best workout leggings and shorts are those that make you feel empowered. When shopping for leggings or shorts, the materials should be designed for athletic use with compression and moisture-wicking qualities. They should have a snug, but comfortable fit in the waist, hips, and legs so you can move freely without feeling constricted. With a great fit and style, you'll feel as good as you look during your workouts.

Where can I buy affordable leggings and shorts?

Here at Gymdeity Activewear! We offer a huge selection of workout leggings from our Scrunch Leggings and booty shorts to styles featuring mesh cutouts, pockets, back details, and more. You can even shop our comfortable and stylish bodysuits! Our workout leggings are what you need to get that sculpted and shapely silhouette.

What are training leggings or shorts?

Unlike ordinary cotton leggings, training leggings are designed to keep up with you during physical activity. Made of material like polyester and spandex, these provide excellent compression and stretch for unhindered mobility during weight training, cardio activity, yoga, or whatever else you enjoy doing for exercise. With this, training leggings are breathable so you can get through a tough workout without your bottoms holding you back!

You work out to look your best, so why not show it off  by wearing workout leggings that make you look and feel sexy!

  Find Sexy Gym Wear from our Activewear collection.

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