Yes, Scrunch Shorts Version of The TikTok Leggings -

Yes, Scrunch Shorts Version of The TikTok Leggings

First came the tiktok leggings. Then came the tiktok SCRUNCH SHORTS.

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If you're on social media, you already know all about the TIKTOK leggings that went viral for their butt-lifting effect. It's been almost impossible to not see a booty in these scrunch leggings for the last month — even Tracey Anderon and Lizzo have the leggings and the madness is far from over. In fact, it's evolved and taken on another form: Meet the GymDeity honeycomb scrunch shorts.
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Not only is the biker shorts made by the same fabric as the tiktok leggings, but it has the same butt scrunch, too. That means in addition to sculpting your booty, it'll flatter thick thighs save lives as well. ("complements everything.") and comes in dozens of colors, from black to pink to tie-dye options.

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Whether you love the TikTok leggings and want to add the scrunch shorts version to your closet too, or you're new to the scrunch butt trend and are ready to give it a try, we'll leave you with one word of caution from a customer review: "Warning: This will make your booty look like dayummmm."

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