Best Scrunch Butt Shorts Under $12 -

Best Scrunch Butt Shorts Under $12

Give Your Booty A Boost with Our Scrunch Bum Shorts

Create a fuller, rounder appearance to your booty with the peach lift shorts.

You work out to look your best, so let's flaunt it! Our scrunch butt shorts was designed to accentuate the booty you work hard to get! You’ll be sure to turn heads wearing our scrunch shorts and scrunch bum shorts in the gym.

How Scrunch Butt Shorts Work
You might wonder why wearing gym shorts with scrunch bum would make sure a difference. The magic is in the ruched plait of the seam between your cheeks. Not only does this create a lifted and rounder appearance to your bottom, but it also separates and accentuates your curves. Our high waisted scrunch booty shorts also make your waist look slimmer and create the hourglass figure you've been after.

When to Wear Scrunch Butt Workout shorts
High waisted scrunch booty shorts are perfect for the gym. They are squat proof and durable but also made with the softest material for a second skin like feel.


These shorts are great for leg day, cardio, dancing, training, pilates, biking and so much more. There’s no exercise that our shorts can’t handle. The sweat wicking fabric will keep you dry and free from embarrassing sweat spots. The tagless shorts will keep you from that uncomfortable itchy tag syndrome or from risking a hole in your shorts trying to rip it off.

And don’t let the scrunch bum fool you. Just because the seam is gathered, doesn’t mean they will be riding up where they don’t belong. In fact, these scrunch bum are so soft and comfy that you will find they are one of your favorite gym shorts to were any day of the week. 

Our Scrunch Butt Shorts come in many different styles and fabrics for you to choose from. You can choose three different lengths; booty shorts, bike shorts, and short shorts.

We also have the trendiest styles and colors to choose from. From our booty gainz collection to our scrunch butt collection, you won’t be boring looking for booty shorts to butt lift your peach even more! Check out any of our sexy sports bras to match shorts and if you can't decide what color to pick...Always choose the classic black peachlift shorts. You can never have too many!


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