Scrunch Bum Shorts vs Normal Shorts -

Scrunch Bum Shorts vs Normal Shorts

Scrunch Bum Shorts vs Normal Shorts

Best Scrunch Butt Shorts Starting at $11.95, Plus Free Shipping!

Best scrunch shorts

If there’s one thing 2021 will be remembered for when it comes to activewear or fitness fashion, it’s scrunch bum leggings and its little sister, scrunch-bum shorts.

Technically, we got wind of scrunch bum bottoms late in 2020, but thanks to social media influencers on TikTok and YouTube, a lot of women eventually fell in love with scrunch bum tights and booty scrunch shorts.

Now, whether you’re planning to jump on the scrunch bum bandwagon or are looking to expand your collection of booty scrunch leggings or shorts (or both), then today’s your lucky day.

Here’s your guide to how to make your butt bigger with the best scrunch-bum shorts.

What Does Scrunch Bum Mean?

To the uninitiated or unfamiliar, scrunch bum refers to leggings or shorts that feature a cinched design element placed strategically between the butt cheeks.

The scrunch-bum design that has exploded in the world of leggings and shorts features stitching or ruching along the back seam in the butt section of each piece. Moreover, the horizontal part of the seam is positioned right above the butt line, so the leggings or shorts gather the fabric into the butt crack. This, aside from the ruching, adds more definition to the bum and hugs the two butt cheeks.

The back portion of the waistband of scrunch-butt leggings and shorts is also structured to resemble a pulled-up thong, featuring a distinctive V-shape. This cut or style reinforces the scrunching at the vertical seam (between the butt cheeks) and further enhances the appearance of the wearer’s bum. Meanwhile, high-waisted scrunch-bum leggings give the wearer the added advantage of a smoother, slimmer silhouette on top of a maximally visually enhanced booty — so it looks like a juicy peach indeed!

The clever stitching and styling used in scrunch leggings and scrunch shorts work to make a regular or any-sized behind exceptionally plump or curvier. Scrunch-bum bottoms work the same way for different butt shapes, so anyone can wear them.

No wonder everyone who wants to have an outstanding badonkadonk or bubblebutt is obsessed with scrunch tights and bum scrunch shorts.

Why Are Scrunch-Bum Leggings and Shorts Trending?

Scrunch-bum leggings (aka booty or TikTok leggings) and shorts are trending because a lot of women want a curvy, substantial butt. Of course, the social media mileage these bottom-enhancing apparel gained has helped a lot in boosting their popularity.

The online exposure of booty leggings is nothing short of phenomenal. Social media influencers posted reviews and everyday scenarios involving TikTok leggings. Others made dance and reaction videos that show them wearing these special derriere-enhancing bottoms.

This is why bum shorts and scrunch-bum leggings have become one of the most in-demand activewear this year. It also looks like they’re here to stay — just like see-through tights or leggings with mesh panels and those shiny leggings that Hollywood celebrities love.

So, if you find yourself gravitating towards scrunch leggings in Australia and scrunch-bum bike shorts, what’s stopping you? Go ahead and start shopping!


Ryderwear Scrunch Bum Leggings & Shorts

The Ryderwear scrunch-bum collection of leggings and shorts is quite extensive. If you’re a lover of solid colours, Ryderwear has a lot to offer — whether you’re looking for scrunch-bum gym leggings, booty shorts or bike shorts.

Best scrunch shorts

GymDeity Scrunch Bum Leggings & Shorts

Gymdeity lovingly embraces femininity with its cheeky scrunch shorts and cute workout clothes that are trendy or edgier. Scrunch bum shorts starting at $9.95!


Best scrunch shorts

Peached Scrunch Bum Shorts $11.95 Free Shipping!

Best scrunch shorts

NVTGN Scrunch Bum Leggings & Shorts

There are several dupes for the NVGTN pro shorts as they come, featuring ruched-bum leggings and shorts in array of solid colours.

Best scrunch shorts

Evolve Apparel Scrunch Bum Leggings & Shorts

Designed for the active woman, Evolve apparel offers a variety of solid-coloured activewear as well as options with delicate prints.


Best scrunch shorts

Carra Lee Scrunch Bum leggings & Shorts

Designed for every type of body size and shape, some of Carra Lee Collective’s scrunch gym tights and shorts are available from 2XS up to 3XL. This is why Carra Lee is one of the go-to brands for women who are looking for extra small and plus-size scrunch bum leggings in Australia.


Best scrunch shorts

Deezi Active Scrunch Bum Leggings & Shorts

Whether you’re looking for basic, fun, quirky or edgy-style activewear, Deezi Active offers a wide range of scrunch-bum leggings in various colours, prints and designs.

One of their most popular butt-enhancing shorts is the Seamless Scrunch Bum style that’s seamless and high-waisted.


Best scrunch shorts

What to Consider When Buying Scrunch Bum Shorts

When you’re out shopping for scrunch bum shorts, there are certain factors you need to consider. Actually, after reading the list below, you’ll notice that nearly the same qualities apply, whether you’re buying scrunch shorts or their regular counterparts:

  • Comfort and stretchability: Although what you’re primarily after is the butt-enhancing feature of scrunch shorts or shorts, it’s crucial to find a pair that’s comfortable and has just the right amount of stretch to keep you well-supported.
  • Fit: When buying any sort of workout apparel, it’s crucial to get only those items that are true to your Too-tight or too-loose workout shorts will not only be uncomfortable but also look unsightly and distract you from your workout.
  • Stitching: Since scrunch-bum bottoms have a very specific style of stitching that could make them vulnerable to damage or tearing, make sure you examine the seams in the butt area. Check the ruching too, as this feature is what gives booty leggings and shorts the ability to make your bum look bigger or curvier.
  • Fabric: Part of the comfort that comes with workout clothes is greatly influenced by the fabric or material. And while the honeycomb-style or textured fabric usually associated with scrunch-bum bottoms is popular, there are other types of materials used, such as plain or printed performance fabric. What’s important is that the material is breathable and sweat-wicking, so you’ll be comfortable even when engaging in high-intensity training.
  • Squat-proof: Whether it’s scrunch booty shorts or regular workout bottoms that you’re shopping for, it’s always better to ensure the pair you’re getting is squat-proof. So, pay attention to the waistband (high waist is usually better), elasticity (so it stays in place), thickness of the fabric and its level of opacity (so it’s not transparent).

Scrunch Bum Shorts or Shorts to Avoid and Why

Shopping for scrunch-bum bottoms, and workout clothes in general, is fun. However, you also need to be on your guard against products that aren’t worth buying.

To be specific, avoid these scrunch bum shorts and shorts:

  • Anything that’s oversized or too small wouldn’t look great and can affect the quality of your workouts. So, to avoid buyer’s remorse, skip the sale if you can’t find a pair that’s in your size.
  • Cheap and mass-produced products usually have a short lifespan. Make sure you buy high-quality leggings from reputable brands that make use of materials or fabrics specifically designed for activewear. Always consider the stretch, durability and quality of the stitching. In the long run, you’ll be getting more bang for your buck when you invest in quality pieces.
  • Non-squat-proof bottoms tend to be made from flimsy or thin material, so they end up becoming see-through. Also consider the waistband, as non-squat-proof booty bottoms would roll down around the waist when you try to squat.
  • Leggings and shorts made from non-breathable and non-moisture-wicking fabrics make for very uncomfortable workouts. So if you regularly engage in intense exercise, always check if the fabric or material is breathable and sweat-wicking.

Scrunch Bum Shorts vs Normal Shorts: What’s the Difference?

There isn’t a whole world of difference between scrunch-bum and ‘normal’ or regular shorts EXCEPT for one feature: the scrunch bum. Of course, even when the color, pattern, print or fabric is the same, there’s likely to be a glaring difference in the way your butt would look when you compare both types of shorts.

It’s mostly a matter of preference and priority actually. If your tiny or regular-sized butt doesn’t bother you, then by all means stick to regular shorts. But if you want a pleasantly rounded or an outstanding butt, then go for the scrunch-bum style.

Of course, you can have a mix of both in your workout wardrobe. You don’t have to have a badonkadonk to look great or enjoy your workout. But you can have a bootylicious behind if you want to — even when your butt is small or ‘regular’.

The Best Scrunch Bum Shorts and Gym Shorts at GymDeity

Although a relative newcomer in activewear fashion, scrunch bum leggings and shorts seem destined to stay and become a wardrobe staple among fitness gurus and enthusiasts.

Whatever your butt size and shape, these game-changing leggings and shorts can help you achieve a lifted and curvy look on your backside.

If you’re thinking of trying these butt-enhancing bottoms, you have plenty of choices to choose from — just check out our SCRUNCH BUTT COLLECTION.

You’ll also be happy to note that aside from the above, Gymdeity features a much bigger collection of booty leggings and scrunch shorts for you to choose from. We also have sports bras, cute workout sets, shapewear for fupa, lululemon alternatives,  nvgtn dupes and other gym wear.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start shopping and let’s lift and boost that butt!

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