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PrettyLittleThing Dupes for WAY LESS

Best PrettyLittleThing dupes that (look) as good as the real thing ( Only cheaper)

Gloria Hallejuah Woods better know as, aka GloRilla. she knows all about affordable activewear long before the hits.


PrettyLittleThing has been at the forefront of women's clothing and fast fashion activewear since its launch back in 2012.

PrettyLittleThing has created a new wave of cheap activewear dupes. And
PLT clothing, especially with the recent launch of PrettyLittleThing promo codes Campaign, PLT is gaining greater media coverage than ever before with it's influencer program.

Who are the PLT models?

You’ve seen them on the latest fashion campaigns. To name a few... all included they have millions of followers on Instagram. Featured clothing ambassadors are Sierra Skye – @sierraaaskyee, Tsanna LaTouche @tsannalatouche, Muriel Villera – @murielvillera, Sofia Jamora – @sofiajamora, Marilyn Melo – @marilyn_melo.

That’s why we’ve cultivated a comprehensive guide of PLT Dupes that will suit anyone and everyone’s body type on a friendly-budget and we've found dupes.

They even have pretty little thing skims dupe. (yeah, the diva herself, kim k behind the viral bodysuit). And the 'Euphoria' dupes.


PrettyLittleThing Dupe Table of Contents

Finding quality PLT dupes that are as close to the real thing poses its challenges because PLT isn’t like other fast fashion clothing brands. The brand doesn’t limit itself to activewear, there is shapewear, bras and panties. The SKIMS Cozy line, for example, is everything the name says — and then some. Designed for lounging in style, this warm knit collection is ultra-comfortable and flattering. Starting at $48 for a bralette, however, means it isn’t always the most affordable option. And even at a higher price point, SKIMS merchandise also sells out quickly.  And now there is DUPES!

We found some budget-friendly kim skims alternatives that can save you as much as $90 and can help pacify you until your SKIMS size is in stock again. While it’s nice to splurge on a product or two from the brand, these SKIMS dupes will give you more bang for your buck. Happy Saving!

Note: Prices and inventory are subject to change.

PLT Dupe Seamless Ribbed Short Set


PLT Dupe Seamless Ribbed Legging Set


PLT Dupe Seamless Ribbed Legging Set


PLT Seamless Dupe


SKIMS Bodysuit Dupe

Skims bodysuit dupe under $15. Skims dupes looks just like the Skims. It has the same scoop-neck top cut and mid-thigh cut that the $78 designer option has, but will save you $60+ on SKIMS dupes (thank us, later).


PLT Jumpsuit Dupe

Consumers have turned to social media in search for SKIMS dupes. This jumpsuit is comparable to Skims Black Cotton Rib Bodysuit


PLT Swimsuit Dupe

PLT swimsuit dupes. The iconic basic colors two-piece bikinis.


PLT Shapewear Dupe

skims shapewear is a cult favorite, but skims can be pricey, these are some affordable dupes for the brand's coveted bodysuits.


PLT Underwear Dupe


SKIMS Cozy Dupe

Do you love the SKIMS Cozy collection but not the price tag? Cozy SKIMS collection dupes to get you the look for less!


PLT Dupe Loungewear

prettylittlething dupes, loungewear look alikes, and alternatives.



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