OxyShred Energy Drink Review

OxyShred Energy Drink Review: The Good, the Bad & Ugly!

OxyShred Energy Drink Review: (Not Affiliated with EHPlabs)

OxyShred Energy Drink Review: (Not Affiliated with EHPlabs)

The Good, the Bad & Ugly! This is an honest review, and we are not affiliated with EHPlabs.

EHP Labs has made a powerful entry into the energy beverage market in Australia and the US with its OxyShred Energy Drink. This innovative drink combines a unique blend of ingredients to provide on-demand energy, including a gram of carnitine, a total of 113mg of caffeine, taurine, tyrosine, and essential vitamins. It is also a clean and guilt-free beverage with no sugar and only two calories a can.

We're trying them all from EHP Labs of its OxyShred Energy Drink flavors, which are Piña Colada, Passionfruit, Guava Paradise, Kiwi Strawberry, Gummy Snake, Peach Candy Rings, and more.

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To get everyone ready for the arrival of EHP Labs Oxyshred Energy Drink, we’ve got our review to share and let you know how the brand’s beverage debut measures up to the immense competition of Bang Energy Drink and Ghost Energy Drink.

Oxyshred ultra energy drink


Is OxyShred one of the best energy drinks on the market?

This drink is like magic in a can, providing awesome energy. The flavors are spot on, and the size is perfect! It's an excellent source of energy, making you feel like you've genuinely consumed an energy drink, and the caffeine certainly works. You can power through your day without any crashes. This is truly unique! And the Gummy Snake flavor, yes!

"EHP Labs' OxyShred Energy Drink is not just delicious but also marks a remarkable debut in the highly competitive energy drink market. Despite being their first entry, it boasts a level of quality and experience that rivals even seasoned competitors. The OxyShred drink perfectly balances carbonation, sweetness, and long-lasting flavor.

Is OxyShred energy drink good for you?

OxyShred Ultra Energy is a healthier choice compared to typical energy drinks. It's sugar-free and contains fewer than 5 calories. Plus, it's packed with essential B vitamins that support overall well-being, energy production, brain function, and nutrient metabolism.

Additionally, OxyShred Ultra Energy includes Vitamin C, a well-known antioxidant that strengthens your immune system and helps your body handle stress. This blend of benefits makes it an intelligent option for those looking for a balanced and health-conscious energy drink.

Notably, the caffeine content in OxyShred Ultra Energy is a responsible amount, providing sustained and clean energy without the subsequent crash.

What does OxyShred energy drink do?

OxyShred Ultra Energy is not your typical energy drink. It goes beyond caffeine by including powerful fat-burning elements, essential vitamins, and minerals for overall health and immune support.

It also has ingredients that balance blood sugar and enhance mood and cognitive function, making it a versatile choice for those seeking more than just an energy boost.

Oxyshred energy drink side effects?

When using a supplement like OxyShred, you might encounter some minor side effects. These can include increased sweating, higher energy levels, and even a potential reduction in body fat. It's important to understand that, as with any nutritional supplement, users of OxyShred may expect these minor side effects.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

The Piña Colada OxyShred Energy Drink is a delightful experience that starts with a burst of pineapple sweetness and carbonation, gradually transforming into a harmonious fusion of pineapple and coconut flavors.

The Gummy Snake OxyShred Energy Drink is absolutely the flavor to love. It was truly delicious COLD. It is a great source of energy that doesn't give you the jitters or make you feel like you've actually had an energy drink; you just feel like you can power through your day after you drink it.

The Candy Peach Rings OxyShred Energy Drink: Listen first of all, the flavor is DELICIOUS. Like who came up with Peach Candy Rings? Whoever did should win a Nobel Peace Prize. The taste is so close, just like peachy rings you used to buy as a sugar-crazed kid that can’t get enough!

The Cotton Candy OxyShred Energy Drink: We had high hopes for the cotton candy flavor energy drinks but couldn't even finish a whole one; it's too sweet unless you're really into that kind of thing. Not the best flavor, might be the worst.

The Guava Paradise OxyShred Energy Drink: is a MUST-try! This is our third favorite flavored drink; by far, the Strawberry Kiwi is a close fourth.

Tasty and Effective!

The consistency in flavor across all varieties of OxyShred Energy Drink makes it challenging to pick a favorite, as each one maintains a high level of quality and none significantly outshines the others.

Our top 5 OxyShred Energy Drink flavors are Gummy Snake, Passion Fruit, Bahama Breeze, Kiwi Strawberry, and Peach Candy Rings. If you're a fan of other flavors, you won't be disappointed, except for cotton candy enthusiasts.

We picked our BEST two as Gummy Snake is not something brands tend to do well for the taste of gummy candy, and EHP Labs absolutely delivers. Peach Candy Rings does a great job at giving you not just a peach taste but that touch of sour candy, making for an on-point sour peach rings experience.

OxyShred Energy Drink Flavors

OxyShred Energy Drink - Sugar Free Energy Drinks with Amino Acids, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin C & L Carnitine - Carb Free, Calorie Free, Natural Caffeine

For those wondering about the energy and effects. The energy and effects of OxyShred Energy Drink are in line with EHP Labs' claims. It offers clean and smooth energy, almost like 200mg, despite having only 113mg per serving. In reality, it feels closer to 180-200mg, providing a gradual, clean energy boost rather than a sudden kick.


We’re surprisingly impressed by EHP Labs’ OxyShred Drink, not because we thought it might be bad but because it is one of the best energy beverages we’ve had in a while and comes through on MOST of its flavors. The balance is the beverage’s key highlight, great ingredients.

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