Oner Active: Shop or Drop the Restock?

Oner Active: Shop or Drop the Restock?

Oner Active: Shop or Drop the Restock?

Introducing Oner Active: Krissy Cela's Restocking Activewear Line

Oner Active

Get ready for the tea on this must-have collection!

Quick Q&A:

  1. What did I purchase?

    I got four pieces from the seamless collection, all in a size SMALL. Check out the linked items: seamless leggings in black marl and pistachio marl, sports bra in pistachio marl, and crop hoodie in black.

  2. What will be included in this next restock?

    According to Krissy’s Instagram, the restock will feature the same collection as the first launch, without any new pieces added.

  3. What is the price point of the items?

    The pieces I purchased are priced between $34 to $49. The leggings are more affordable than Gymshark or SET Active pairs I own, while the sports bra and hoodie are reasonably priced.

  4. What are the must-haves?

    Definitely the crop hoodies! They'll show off your curves, keep you cozy and warm this winter, and allow you to color coordinate your outfits. Get them in black or grey and pair them with matching leggings.

  5. Are they squat proof?

    The black leggings are, but the pistachio ones rate 3.5/5 in squat-proofness.

Oner Active's first launch sold out in less than an hour last year, and this restock is expected to do the same. If you're an athleisure lover or fitness queen looking to upgrade your workout wardrobe, this review is for you! Don't miss out on these high-demand, low supply activewear pieces.

Why is Oner Active always sold out? If you know Oner active, you know they're always sold out of their products. We've found Oner Active Dupes! I'm so happy I found these!! The quality is just as amazing - I own both.

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