Bo+Tee Reviews: (boandtee) Hit Or Miss?

Oh Polly (boandtee) aka Bo+Tee

Oh Polly, Is a Fast fashion pure play activewear brand, social media ambassador and content creator. Before Polly was know for reddit and Tiktok. Oh Polly was born 2015 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. ohpolly not just an ordinary fitness brand.

Bo and Tee (@boandtee) If you are aware of polly, then you know she has a popular fitness clothing brand with a huge following of "bo + tee fans" thought-out social media for her activewear.


Claire Henderson aka ohpollyhas been working out and promoting a fitness lifestyle mixed with business. She has been on a path to promote positivity and hard work, and wants to continue to grow and branch out through various opportunities and collaborations. She also started her own fashion brand, boandtee clothing. 

Claire Henderson boandtee is creative direction for social media, brand ambassadors and which fitness models to work with. (check out ohpolly tiktok).

Her body is the center of attention, but she knows how to build hype for new product releases and make Oh Polly stand out from the crowd. Claire is well-known for keeping an eye on the fashion industry and what her competitors are doing. Reviewing and watching out for boandtee reddit content, and boandtee dupes.

Oh polly is a brand on a mission to help make affordable activewear for women. "No matter where your workout takes you, our range of gym wear will be there." To find out more about Claire Henderson be sure visit boandtee on social media platforms below.

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