Leggings, you're wearing them wrong!

Leggings, you're wearing them wrong!

To wear or not to wear underwear with leggings

Gym Leggings, you're wearing them wrong!

How to Avoid Camel Toeing in Leggings


Raise your hand if you wear underwear with your leggings (or skorts or biker shorts, or any other skintight bottom). If you raised your hand, then read on - because ditching your panties is freeing in so many ways beyond the panty line.  

In theory it makes sense to wear underwear with performance bottoms - they provide a layer of ‘protection’, allow us to wear things multiple times between washes, and give a sense of security that stuff is ‘covered’. But throw that all out the window, because your leggings will FIT & FEEL BETTER without undies. And no one will know that you're walking around commando. 

Gals, these leggings ARE your underwear! They’re so damn tight, how can you even fit another layer of fabric underneath them? And when you DO wear another layer underneath, the fit is compromised. Here’s why. 

How to Avoid Camel Toeing in Leggings


When our fabric is directly against your skin, it ‘sticks’. Body heat, natural oils and sweat (if you’re exercising) all aid in the fabric adhering to your skin and creating a slip-resistant fit. A layer of slippery cotton underneath (aka your undies) screws up that whole relationship and means you’ll be constantly adjusting and pulling up your leggings. Even a thong creates this effect because the waistband (the most important place for leggings to fit you) is stuck on top of a thong waistband. 

There are hygiene benefits to ditching your panties too. Suffocating a naturally moist (sorry, had to!)  area under many layers of fabric, especially if you’re exercising and sweating, just isn’t….well you get it - it’s not fun. Let that area breathe! Our stitching and seams are also designed to prevent rubbing and chaffing - we keep bulky seams out of a soft and sensitive area - so adding them back in with undies = v uncomfy.  

You’re probably thinking “but I wear undies so I don’t have to wash my leggings every day”. And yes, that’s a totally valid strategy. You wouldn't wear your underwear without washing them and washing does put extra wear on garments. But here’s how we recommend getting around that. After a panty-less wear, gently hand wash the crotch of the garment in the sink, then hang dry overnight and it’s ready for action again the next day! Fast, simple, and doesn't add additional laundering 'wear' to your clothes. 

Now go out there and live a panty-free life! Naked Feeling – No Front Seam High-Rise Leggings. Try it, I dare you ;) 

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