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Naughty Girl Fitness Review: All You Need To Know

A body positive dance fitness method Created by Janelle Ginestra

Naughty Girl Fitness

Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining both physical and mental health. It reduces the risk of chronic diseases and enhances happiness. Regular physical activity benefits your skin, brain, and memory. Without it, your body may lose stamina and become lethargic.

A daily 15-to-20-minute workout is recommended for improved performance and overall health. Physical fitness reduces tension and stress, promoting efficient lung function. In this article, we offer Naughty Girl Fitness reviews to assist you in finding a workout companion.

About Naughty Girl Fitness

Choreographer Janelle Ginestra, the creative director of Naughty Girl Fitness, focuses on empowering girls with good health. With extensive fitness experience, she offers a dance-based method to achieve a sculpted body.

Janelle Ginestra

Who Is Janelle Ginestra?
Janelle Ginestra, renowned dancer, choreographer, and creative director, boasts an impressive career. Collaborating with artists like Pink, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj, she's a fitness enthusiast who merged dance and exercise to create Naughty Girl Fitness. The method involves fitness choreography to music, offering an enjoyable yet challenging workout. The Naughty Girl Fitness app, launched in late 2020, has garnered a substantial following.

About Naughty Girl Fitness App

Download the Naughty Girl Fitness app from the Google Play store. Tailor your workout level for weight loss and a healthier body. Create a profile, pick a plan, and embark on your fitness journey. is also available on Roku & Amazon fire.

Naughty Girl Fitness App

About Naughty Fit Method

In today's hectic schedules, finding time to exercise can be challenging. Naughty Girl Fitness offers a unique solution, combining fitness and dance. The Naughty Fit Method comprises four parts, incorporating fitness choreography with selected songs. This approach delivers a high-intensity, full-body workout in under 20 minutes, ensuring effectiveness and fun.

Who Should Use Naughty Girl Fitness?

Naughty Girl Fitness is ideal for overweight individuals aiming to shed pounds, homemakers seeking refreshment, and office assistants combating stress through dance. Regardless of age, females can embrace this app to boost happiness and enhance fitness. This workout series is designed to be fun for all levels!

Is Naughty Girl Fitness Safe and Effective?

Is Naughty Girl Fitness Scam

Absolutely, Naughty Girl Fitness offers a secure and effective home workout. Dedicate 20 to 25 minutes daily for promising outcomes.

Cost of Naughty Girl Fitness

Enjoy a 7-day free trial before opting for a subscription. Choose between $11 per month or $100 annually. These prices offer exceptional value for health and fitness. Naughty Girl Fitness is accessible on all devices.

How to Cancel Naughty Girl Fitness Subscription

To cancel your subscription, access the settings menu at the top right corner. Click 'Manage subscription' and then 'Cancel subscription' to opt out.

Final Thoughts

Naughty Girl Fitness is a proven, dance cardio workout effective application. Positive responses on platforms like YouTube highlight its value, making it an ideal choice for women seeking fitness solutions. Make use of the free trial and consider subscribing if it aligns with your needs. 

Naughty girls need love too. Dancing to feel good about yourself is a great way to get started.

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