Madalin Giorgetta aka madalingiorgetta

Say Hello To Madalin Giorgetta - What I Eat In a Week

Madalin Giorgetta aka Ms Booty Gains

Madalin Giorgetta transformation story went viral last year, as she increased the amount of food she was eating by over 1000 calories a day (eating 40% more carbs in her diet) and changing her body into a healthier, leaner frame that has taken instagram by storm.

Madalin started out eating typical ‘healthy’, low calorie, salads and other meals but was disappointed with the results. She consulted a local PT to see what was wrong and the rest is history.

Madalin now has over 180,000 followers on her Instagram page, who she updates daily with regular fitness and motivational updates. Showing how eating more and training intensely is a better way to get your ideal body.

Her vision was to create the world's first non diet health and fitness app. The Work It with MG app has a holistic approach to health and well-being to connect with your body through workouts that give you those feel-good endorphins, eat food that delights and cultivate body acceptance and self-love.

She constantly preaches self-love and the importance of uplifting other women. She’s a major inspiration in the fitness industry!

Madalin Giorgetta aka madalingiorgetta

 Creator Of The First "Non-Diet Health & Fitness App".

Madalin Giorgetta aka madalingiorgetta

Creator Of The Famous "Body By MG" Challenge.

Madalin Giorgetta aka madalingiorgetta
Madalin Giorgetta aka madalingiorgetta

Madalin Giorgetta Sample Daily Diet:

“A lot of you have been asking what I eat, so here’s an example day for you:”

BREAKFAST: protein shake with @womensbest, oats and banana.
LUNCH: creamy chicken (I use garlic, onions, vegetable stock and light Philadelphia as the sauce) with quinoa and steamed veggies.
SNACK: sweet potato and zucchini brownie with strawberries and dark melted chocolate.
DINNER: Quesadilla made with black beans, hummus, light cheese, and tomato + corn salsa.

Madalin Giorgetta aka madalingiorgetta

She GREAT! I'm not sure what will motivate you if she doesn't.

To find out more about her, Be sure to check out madalin giorgetta on her social media platforms and online.

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