Lululemon Shorts for workouts & everyday wear! -

Lululemon Shorts for workouts & everyday wear!

Lululemon Shorts Review

We’ve tested every style of lululemon shorts (for workouts and everyday wear!), and rounded up all our favorites.

Read on for each of our go-to lululemon shorts and top picks for different activities!

Best lululemon Shorts for workouts and everyday wear

This post was updated on July 9, 2021, with lululemon’s latest women’s shorts styles.

Calling all shorts lovers! We’ve tried every style of lululemon shorts and rounded up all of our favorites for different activities. We’re talking everything from running to yoga to postpartum faves.

These reviews are sweaty workout-approved, and the shorts that we selected we truly recommend, love, and wear on a daily basis both during workouts and everyday life.

our shorts sizes

  • Lee (5’7″): – jean’s size: 27/28 – lululemon shorts size: 8
  • Linley (5’3″): – jean’s size: 25 – lululemon shorts size: 4
  • Emily (5’9″): jean’s size 28/29 – lululemon shorts size: 8/10
Best lululemon Shorts for workouts and everyday wear

Top lululemon Shorts (women)

After trying every pair of lululemon shorts, we’ve rounded up our top 7 faves. Each of these have been worn for everything from cozy lounging to workouts like yoga and running.

  1. Speed Up Short (low-rise 2.5″ and mid-rise 4″) – best for HIIT workouts and running
  2. Align Short (4″, 6″, 8″) – best for yoga or cycling
  3. Track That Mid Rise 5″ – best for running
  4. Stroll At Sundown Short 3″ – best for casual wear or hiking
  5. Inner Glow 3″ – best for lounging
  6. LA Sweat Short – perfect for postpartum
  7. Hotty Hot 4″ – best for warm weather running
Best lululemon Shorts for workouts and everyday wear

Speed Up Shorts

The Speed Up Shorts are Lee and Em’s go-to shorts for HIIT workouts and running. We love these shorts because they have a wider waistband that doesn’t ride up as well as a wide leg opening (hello quad squad!) that allows for free-flowing movement.

The Speed Up Shorts come in a variety of waist styles and inseams. Em is wearing the Mid Rise Speed Up Shorts with a 4-in. inseam and sized up to a 10 for later pregnancy and postpartum. The stretchy waistband is perfect for this!

Lee is wearing the Low Rise Speed Up Shorts in a 2.5-in. inseam in a size 8. She also loves the High Rise Speed Up in an 8 😀

types of speed up shorts

Best lululemon Shorts for workouts and everyday wear

Align Shorts

The Align Shorts offer all the buttery soft goodness of the Align Leggings, but with 4 shorts length options, and some with pockets. Linley loves these shorts for yoga and cycling and has them in 3 lengths (size 4).

Do note that if you have larger quads like Lee, any kind of biker short might be tough to wear because the elastic is too tight for your quads. Just being honest 😀

types of align shorts

Best lululemon Shorts for workouts and everyday wear


Best lululemon Shorts for workouts

Track That Mid-Rise Shorts

We love the Track That Mid-Rise Shorts for running because they’re super free-flowing with a wider leg opening and they have a small zipper pocket on the side that’s perfect for carrying money or keys while running.

The waist on these lululemon shorts is super stretchy and doesn’t dig in while running (Linley is wearing a size 4).

Best lululemon Shorts for workouts

Stroll at Sundown Short 3″

Lee has been wearing the Stroll at Sundown Shorts nonstop this summer! They’re casual and comfy, but can easily be dressed up with a tank and jean jacket (wearing a size 8). And because they’re made from a light and airy fabric, you can definitely get a little sweaty in these, too (helllooo, hot summer days!).

We also love the extra touches on these shorts like the pleat and drawstring waist.

Best lululemon Shorts for workouts

Inner Glow Shorts

The Inner Glow Shorts have been Em’s go-to comfy shorts for postpartum (wearing a size 8). They’re super soft and comfy, and have pockets to keep your hands free for all that baby holding 😀

Because they’re high-rise, these shorts would also be great for any mama recovering from a c-section birth.

Best lululemon Shorts for workouts

LA Sweat Short

The LA Sweat Short has been another go-to for Em postpartum. It comes in a high-rise waist that’s perfect for a changing postpartum body as well as a super soft terry fabric that looks fun and stylish without sacrificing comfort (wearing a size 10).

And just like the Inner Glow Shorts, these shorts have large pockets that are perfect for stashing anything you need while carrying a baby.

Best lululemon Shorts for workouts

Hotty Hot 4″ Short

The Hotty Hot 4″ Short is a great option if you’re a runner, especially during the warm summer months. The fabric is lightweight and there is a great zipper option for your key or I.d.

Emily and Lee love this short because it has a wider quad opening and a 4-inch inseam gives you a little bit more coverage.

Best lululemon Shorts for workouts



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