Discovered Lululemon Alternatives Shorts Under $15

Discovered Lululemon Alternatives Shorts Under $15

Lululemon Align Short Dupes Under $15 with Free Shipping!

TikTok just discovered a $15 Amazon alternative for the best-selling lululemon align shorts dupe — just in time for summer.

Lululemon Align Shorts

Best Selling Align Lookalike Shorts for Cheap!

Biker shorts have become popular again in the last year, and we think that's great! Leggings can be too hot to wear in the spring and summer, so bike shorts are a great alternative for those warmer months. These shorts have a high waist and stay in place, so you don't have to worry about them slipping down. They also have 4-way stretch and are made with material that wicks away sweat to keep you cool. Biker shorts fit snugly, but they aren't too tight, and some even have pockets! This means you can keep your keys with you when you go for a run without needing a fanny pack or backpack.

When you compare the Lululemon shorts shown below to their cheaper lookalikes, you'll see that they're almost identical. While Lululemon has more unique designs and a few extra lengths to choose from, you'll end up paying over three times the price for them - specifically, $58 plus tax. Check out Dupe Align shorts in the basic colors and indulge yourself with one or two pairs to see what all the fuss is about on TikTok.

Alternatives To Lululemon Pocket Shorts

Lululemon Alternatives Align Short 4" $14.95

Lululemon Align Short dupes


Lululemon Alternatives Yoga Shorts

Lululemon Alternatives Align Short 6" $14.95

Lululemon Align Short dupes

Lululemon Alternatives Biker Shorts

Lululemon Alternatives Align Short 8" $14.95

Lululemon Align Short dupes

Looking for a Cheaper Alternative?

Looking for a cheaper alternative to Lululemon Align shorts? Check out these lookalikes from GymDeity, which only cost $14.95 and come with free shipping! These shorts are available in two lengths - 4 inches and 6 inches - and come in various colors, allowing you to expand your collection of workout clothes for the summer.

Other Cheap Alternatives To Lululemon for Women

Leggings can get too warm at times, so it's great to have alternatives like Align short dupes that are perfect for the warmer seasons. Also, don't forget to explore the other reasonably-priced activewear available to revamp your entire workout wardrobe. You can find everything from high-waisted shorts to booty shorts to suit your style and needs.

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