Leggings That Make Your Butt Look Bigger!

Leggings That Make Your Butt Look Bigger!

Leggings That Make Your Bum Look Bigger

Have you heard of scrunch butt leggings? Yep, you read that right. From ruched bum leggings to ombre designs, there are so many glute legging designs which help to boost the booty. We take a look at our top 5 leggings that make your bum look bigger below.

Leggings That Make Your butt Look Bigger

From Kim Kardashian breaking the internet to tiktok big butt videos, big bums have been all the rage in pop culture for some time now. You can’t scroll through your Instagram feed for more than five minutes without being confronted with a full, peachy bum to ponder at! But what if you’re not genetically blessed with a naturally full peach? How can you make your bum look fuller, rounder and photo-ready?

Amongst exercises that target the glutes, such as glute bridges and hip thrusts, there’s also the fashion side of things to make your bum look bigger! From viral Tik-Tok favorites to ready-to-wear bum contour, here are 5 types of leggings that will make your bum look bigger, fuller, and perkier. Get ready for all eyes to be on you – or rather, on your perfect peach!


Brazilian Scrunch Leggings

Brazilian Leggings

Scrunch bum leggings are a great choice if you’re looking to accentuate your bum and give the appearance of a flatter, trimmer stomach at the same time. The ruched material around the waistband pulls in your waist and pushes out your bum, making it seem fuller, rounder, and perkier, whilst making your waist appear smaller and trimmer.

The ruched material around the seams also adds volume to your bum, with the end result being a design which hugs your curves and gives you the full support of a legging with an added bootylicious bonus! Whether you want to wear your scrunch bum leggings to the gym and look great when you’re squatting, or you want to pop them on during a casual afternoon off-day, your bum will be attenuated, fuller and perfectly peachy! Take a look at the GymDeity Booty Gains collection here and treat yourself to a DIY butt surgery – without the surgery!

Ombre Gym leggings

High Waisted Scrunch Leggings

If you're looking for a pair of bum-hugging leggings designed to make your booty pop, scrunch leggings do the job just right. A popular choice for fitness enthusiasts for a number of years now, Ombre gym leggings are gorgeously designed with a color-fade look intended to highlight your buttocks and thighs.

The upper, deeper color makes your buttocks and thighs appear fuller, shapelier, and voluminous, whilst the lighter color around your calves and ankles brings your form in, giving your physique balance and further highlighting your curves. Choose from various  gorgeous colors and styles ombre gym legging collection and get ready to unleash the peach!

Tik-Tok Net Scrunch Leggings

High Waisted Scrunch Leggings

If you’re familiar with Tik-Tok, you’ll know that the app has been responsible for many viral fashion and beauty trends making waves online since the app’s popularity kicked off in 2020. From foundation tricks to ponytail tricks, Tik Tok users have also popularized a number of clothing trends, in particular the booty-boosting two-tone leggings that give you a DIY butt lift right in your own home!

Designed to give even the flattest of pancake bums a mega lift, these leggings are a must-have. But what makes them so great? These viral leggings hug your waist with an elasticated waistband whilst the two-tone pattern on the legs adds volume to your buttocks and thighs.

The waistband seam forms in a V-shape, creating a sharp, gorgeous curve from your hips to your bum – a homemade Brazilian butt lift! The two-tone circle pattern also smooths out any visible traces of cellulite, giving you a smooth, peachy finish. These leggings are so show-stopping that there’s even a trend on Tik-tok dedicated to them, called “husband reacts to my tiktok leggings.” Get yourself a pair and get ready for all eyes to be on you – or rather, on your bum! Take a look at the Tik Tok legging collection here and get ready to make your booty pop.

Honeycomb Leggings

High Waisted Scrunch Leggings

For the most avid gym fans, honeycomb leggings are the best leggings to accentuate your bum and give your derriere the fullest look possible when you’re giving it your all in the gym. High waisted leggings hug your form from your thighs to your midriff, making your waist smaller and highlighting your curves.

High waisted leggings are also the most optimal leggings for working out, especially when you work out your lower body. Hugging your glutes, quads and calf muscles, high-waisted leggings both accentuate your current form and show off the potential of your future physique. Let’s not forget the most important part – they’re super comfy! Browse the House of Peach collection of high-waisted leggings and bag yourself a pair for your next gym session.

Contour Leggings

High Waisted Scrunch Leggings

We’re all familiar with face and body contouring: you pop on some foundation and concealer in the right places, add a bit of highlight, do a bit of blending and voila – suddenly you have cheekbones, or a slimmer nose, or fuller-looking boobs.

What if I told you that a pair of leggings exists which can do the same thing for your bum? Think of these leggings as a contour routine for your peach – minus the tidemarks and without the effect wearing off under bright lights or summer sun!  Contour leggings bring in your waist, cinching it to make it smaller, whilst the two-tone pattern lifts the bum, making it seem perkier and fuller all at once! Put down the body contour and get your own bum contour leggings here.


Not all of us can be genetically blessed with a full, curvy booty! If you’re on a fitness journey to give yourself the round, plump derriere of your dreams, remember that you can always make your bum look bigger in the meantime with a pair of curve-hugging leggings!

Whether you go for the show-stopping Tik-tok net leggings or opt for a pair of gorgeous ombre leggings for your workout, all these leggings can help enhance your glutes, streamline your silhouette, and give the appearance of the full, round bum you’re working towards! If you’re already blessed with a full bum, be warned: these leggings will have all eyes on you!

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