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Perfect Heatless Curls Leggings Hack

The Perfect No-Heat Curls Using Leggings Hack

The Perfect Heatless Curls Leggings Hack

Curl Up Without Heat: Discover the easiest way to achieve fabulous curls with the legging curls hack. TikTok heatless hair hack using a pair of leggings. Move over sock curls.

Heatless Curls Leggings Hack

If you've learned anything from TikTok, it's that you can achieve fabulous curls without pricey hot tools. From plopping to satin heatless curling sets and the Revlon One-Step Volumizer, TikTok has been a treasure trove of hair trends. Now, there's a viral TikTok method to curl your hair overnight using something you probably already have: leggings. Here's how to achieve perfect legging curls.

What Are Legging Curls?

Legging curls are a no-heat curling method that allows you to sleep comfortably. No hot tools required—just a pair of leggings and a couple of scrunchies or hair ties to secure the ends. You don't need to start with wet hair or be a French braiding expert. The results are simply gorgeous.

Legging Curls Results

How to Achieve The VIRAL LEGGING CURLS! (Overnight, Heatless Curls)

Step 1: Part and Prepare

Start by parting your hair as you'll be wrapping it around each leg of the leggings. Smooth your hair with oil after brushing it to ensure it's tangle-free and well-hydrated.

Step 2: Choose the Right Leggings

Opt for affordable stretchy workout leggings rather than cotton ones. The stretchy material is gentler on your hair and results in more defined curls.

Step 3: Wrap Your Hair Tightly

With the leggings laid over your head, use each leg like a scarf. Take sections of your hair and wrap them tightly around the leggings from top to bottom. For a visual guide, check out Emilie Kiser's tutorial on TikTok.

Step 4: Secure Your Curls

After wrapping your hair to the ends, secure it with a soft scrunchie that won't leave kinks. We recommend using big, soft scrunchies as they provide a secure finish without denting your hair. Finally, pull the legging legs and the butt part up and over your wrapped hair to protect it. Ensure all your hair is under the leggings when you're done. Also, try heatless curls overnight.

Our Experience

Legging curls with wet or dry hair?

We tried this heatless legging curl hack with damp, rough-dried hair, and it worked well. We had to curl the front pieces separately as they were shorter and didn't stay around the leggings. We'll continue experimenting with wet vs. dry hair and how tightly we wrap the hair. The curls in the picture fell a bit after a few hours, so expect slightly wavier hair when you take them out initially.

Watch the legging curly hair hack tutorial

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