Meet Krissy Cela aka Ms Booty Gains -

Meet Krissy Cela aka Ms Booty Gains

Krissy Cela - Ms Booty Gains | Fitness Influencer

Krissy Cela (krissycela) aka Ms Booty Gains

Krissy Cela krissycela oneractive

Krissy Cela, 29, is not your ordinary fitness influencer. On Reddit known as "Ms Booty Gains," she's a fitness model, social media influencer, and co-founder of @oneractive. With a massive following on social media, especially for her booty gains, Krissy is more than just a fitness enthusiast; she's a motivator.

Krissy Cela has worked hard to promote a fitness lifestyle, emphasizing positivity and hard work. Her aspirations include starting her own fitness brand line, ONER ACTIVE by Krissy Cela. She takes pride in sponsorships from @womensbest, @oneractive fitness, as well as collaborations with @gymshark.

As a fitness freak, Krissy loves sharing booty gain pictures and glute workouts on TikTok and her YouTube channel @KrissyCelaa. She has a personal connection with her followers, building a community around her passion for fitness.

Her glute challenges are highly effective, guiding women towards their "Booty Goals" through weightlifting, smart eating, and consistency. One of her most popular YouTube videos, titled THE BEST BOOTY TIPS & ROUTINE EVER! Learning From the Best, has over 6.4 million views.

Glute Goals:

Krissy Cela is on a mission to help women achieve booty gains. For more about her workouts and clothing brand, follow Krissy Cela on these social media platforms:

Krissy Cela Instagram: @krissycela

Krissy Cela TikTok: @krissycela

Krissy Cela YouTube: @KrissyCela

Krissy Cela OnlyFans: N/A

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