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Dreemz Ashley - Curvy Plus Size Fitness Model

Meet Dreemz Ashley

Dreemz Ashley

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About Ashley Dreemz 

Ashley, born January 8, 1998, is a 26-year-old from Kentucky, USA. She is a renowned Curvy Plus Size Model who celebrates empowering positivity and captivating bikini photos. Dreemz actively promotes body positivity, hard work, and fitness advocacy. Additionally, she passionately shares her love for fashion and sneaker culture, predominantly through Instagram photos and videos.

While her physique attracts attention, Dreemz emphasizes the importance of consistent effort in building a strong and healthy body. She frequently shares her journey through videos and photos across various online platforms and maintains a presence on her Kdreemz OnlyFans. As a fitness influencer, Ashley's mission revolves around promoting body positivity and empowering individuals to embrace confidence in their physical selves.

As a model and social media influencer, she has partnered with many well-known brands like Oh Polly, Bo & Tee, Lounge Underwear, etc.

As a content creator, ashley dreemz actively works on subscription-based online platforms like “OnlyFans”. As of now, she has more than 170K likes/hearts.

Dreemz Ashley | Curvy Plus Size Model

With over 600,000 followers on Instagram, Dreemz Kdreemz has quickly become a household name in the world of fashion and beauty. Her feed showcases her unique fashion sense and creative vision, displaying her love for fashion, travel, and photography.

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