What to Wear With Flare Leggings

What to Wear With Flared Leggings

What to Wear with Flared Leggings

What to Wear with Flared Leggings

They're also a celeb fav! Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez have all been spotted rocking flare leggings.

Discover trendy ways to style flare leggings in 2023! From classic white tees to graphic tops, elevate your fashion game with these versatile looks.

Celebrities in Flare Leggings

It's fascinating how fashion trends tend to make a comeback. As a true millennial, I never expected to see flared pants come back into style, but here we are! And let me tell you, I'm thrilled about it. From flare jeans to flare leggings, these trendy pants are a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Flare leggings offer a fresh twist on athleisure wear, suitable for all body types. They are more versatile than regular leggings, easily dressed up or down, and provide the right support where you need it most.

If flare leggings are a bit out of your comfort zone or you need more styling ideas, I'm here to help!

How to Style Flare Leggings in 2023!

Let's explore some styling tips. The best part about styling flared leggings is their versatility, making it super easy to dress them up or down. Here are five different ways to style flare leggings:

1. White Tee and Flare Leggings

Keep it simple and classic! Pair your black flare leggings with a classic white tee. Add white sneakers and a baseball cap for a sporty look. If you're heading out, consider a cute crossbody bag to complete the look. The black and white strap adds a fun pattern without taking away from the black and white vibe.

2. Flare Leggings & Graphic Tee

Express yourself with a fun graphic tee! Throw on any brightly colored tee for a trendy look. Black or white sneakers can tie the outfit together for a cohesive feel.

3. Flare Leggings and White Tank

As the weather warms up, swap the tee for a tank top. If you want to cover your rear without adding too much on top, casually wrap a chambray shirt around your waist. It adds style without overheating.

4. Flare Leggings and Solid Color Sweatshirt

If you're after comfort without sacrificing style, try this look! Opt for a solid color oversized sweatshirt instead of a graphic or hooded one. It exudes luxury while maintaining coziness. To elevate the look, put on a pair of bright sneakers. You can even tuck your sweatshirt into your sports bra for a cropped top appearance without committing to a cropped sweatshirt. This is the ultimate everyday wear!

5. White Button Down T-shirt

Yes, flare leggings or flare yoga pants can be dressed up! In fact, flare leggings are easier to dress up than regular leggings. Consider a white button-down shirt to elevate your leggings for a stylish look. Tuck it in and add some mules to complete the ensemble. Throw in a designer crossbody bag, and you've achieved the perfect look!


Try These Easy Ways To Style Flare Leggings: To Win The Day!

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