How To Hide FUPA In Jeans

How To Hide FUPA In Jeans? A Guide!

How To Hide FUPA In Jeans

"No more FUPA!" Here's how to hide your tummy in jeans

How To Hide FUPA In Jeans

Body-consciousness among the populace has increased significantly over the last decade, with more and more people becoming insecure over how they look.

Social media, health education, the advent of gyms, and even body shaming have played a major role in this shift.

Youth nowadays want to look as slim and fit as possible, and the majority want to do so without putting in the hard yards.

So they turn to clothing that helps them hide their excess fat so they can project a healthy profile in public.

One of the clumps of said excess fat present around the body is the Fat in Upper Pubic Area, or FUPA for short.

How To Hide FUPA In Jeans

Also known as the panniculus, this is the region right above your pubic bone, nestled in between the hips.

What Type Of Jeans Hide A FUPA?

The three defining features of a FUPA-concealing pair of jeans are:

  1. a high waist that gives the illusion of longer legs,
  2. weighty fabrics which simultaneously provide both a snug fit and ease of movement,
  3. a straight leg fit through the thigh while being slightly tapered at the ankles.

Some of the best FUPA-proof jeans in the market are:

  • Mom Jeans:

One of the most budget-friendly jeans on this list, Mom Jeans are known for their wide variety of colors (acid wash included) and a higher rise compared to other products on the market. The front rise is 10.5 inches, and the back rise is 16 inches.

  • High-Rise Boyfriend Jeans:

Denim jeans at the most affordable prices. Uniqlo’s U collection offers jeans that effortlessly hide all the belly fat accumulated during the lockdown.

  • High-Rise Stretchy Legging Jeans:

These jeans provide a unique blend of both causal and on the go vibes. Features elastic waistband, four way stretch to accommodate in-between sizes. Easily paired with your favorite shoes or accessory. These $16 jeggings look like real jeans — and they have pockets!

How Do You Hide Lower Belly Pooch In Jeans?

Despite what many people might lead you to believe, a belly-free stomach is a pipe dream.

Everyone has a belly to some degree, some larger than others, and everyone wants to hide it in one way or another.

Whether you want to feel more confident or just look your best at a social event, there are a number of ways you can conceal that excess fat without looking out of touch with fashion or embarrassing yourself in public.

The most common technique is to use shapewear or bodysuits, which help you define your curves and, most importantly, support your lower stomach in a suitable position.

This will help in concealing the belly pooch. You can wear these bodysuits underneath your regular clothes, and everyone will be none the wiser.

Shapewear can help you conceal not just your belly pooch but also muffin tops, FUPAs, and love handles, but only if they are a perfect fit.

They will also enable you to wear tight-fitting tops that you could not before because they make your belly fat look more prominent.

Another way to hide belly fat is wearing loose tops, which reach all the way to the top of your thighs, covering your whole stomach.

Tight or short shirts tend to highlight your belly pooch, preventing that sleek look people idolize.

How To Hide FUPA In Jeans

How Can I Hide My Big FUPA?

FUPA, short for Fat Upper Pubic Area, is the term used on the streets for having accumulated fat near the lower pelvic area.

Women are usually very insecure regarding their FUPAs and go to great lengths to hide it best they can.

The secret is to wear clothes with the appropriate design, fabric, and color to highlight your curves.

The best way to hide your belly is to wear baggy tops. They don’t have to be too oversized, but just enough to give your waist a little clearance.

Other articles of clothing suited to hide your FUPA are high-waisted jeans, as they go all the way above your belly and cover up the FUPA effectively.

Striped clothes such as jeans and skirts are excellent at projecting a slim and sleek image, as do flared skirts and wrap dresses.

All of these fashion styles hog all the attention away from your FUPA, and as far as colors are concerned, beige, white, and pastel have proven to be great anti-FUPA shades.

How To Hide FUPA In Jeans

How Can I Make My Stomach Look Flat In Jeans?

Choosing a suitable pair of jeans is a headache for body-conscious people, but if you know what you are looking for, it eases a lot of pain.

You should always opt for pants that are mid to high waisted jeans, have a snug fit, but are stretchy and are at least ankle-long to hide fupa.

There is also a plethora of fashion styles designed to flatten your belly, like fupa shapewear, asymmetrical designs, and fitted shirts.

All these stylistic choices help you look fashionable as well as sleek and fit.

Related: Fupa Control Shapewear. For those searching for a powerful FUPA shaping garment with minimal material, look no further. Hide your FUPA in jeans.

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