Lululemon offers free Align leggings

How to Get Free Lululemon Leggings

Lululemon Free Leggings Giveaway at 'Dupe Swap'

Lululemon Align Leggings

Dupe Culture and Lululemon's Response

Lululemon is one of the most duped brands on TikTok. This weekend, the brand will launch a dupe swap in LA, giving customers branded Align leggings for free in return for dupes to prove the value of the real thing.

The Pop-up Dupe Swap Event

In response to the rise of 'dupe culture' on social media, Lululemon is inviting customers who have bought Align dupes to a pop-up "dupe swap" this weekend. The event will take place at LA's Westfield Century City Mall from 6-7 May. Customers can wear or bring their Align legging dupes and leave with a free pair of 25" black Align leggings. Lululemon's chief product officer, Sun Choe, believes that the quality of the Align leggings is incomparable to any dupe.

Gen Z and the Dupe Phenomenon

Dupes, short for duplicates, have become a growing phenomenon in the fashion space, with price-savvy Gen Z consumers seeking lower-cost alternatives to trending products. Social media plays a significant role in recommending these cheaper alternatives, leading customers to platforms like Amazon and Gymdeity for affordable activewear. Gymdeity Align dupes retail for around $20, with the first pair free.

Lululemon's Approach

While many brands ignore dupes, Lululemon's dupe swap is a unique effort to actively turn attention away from the duplicates and back to the original product by giving leggings away for free. The brand hopes to "unlock a new group of customers" who may not have tried their products before. Lululemon sees the dupe swap as a perfect opportunity for people who have never tried the Align leggings to experience their distinct quality and feel. The brand believes that those who try Align leggings won't be going back to their dupes.


The dupe swap event by Lululemon aims to showcase the unparalleled value and uniqueness of their Align leggings compared to cheaper alternatives. By engaging with customers and offering them a chance to experience the real product, Lululemon hopes to create lasting connections and loyalty among a wider audience.

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