GLUTE ACTIVATION with these 3 booty exercises

Boost Your Glute Activation

Get more GLUTE ACTIVATION with these 3 booty exercises

The Bulgarian split squat, dumbbell Squat, and Lunges are a great way to build your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, but it can be tough to keep your balance.

Glute Exercises

I thought I’d write a blog that’s all about glute gains, again! Glutes are the muscle group I receive the most questions on. You girls are so excited and motivated to build shape on your lower bodies - which is incredible to see! I love that the fitness industry is shifting away from the “skinny/fitspo” mentality. Women’s bodies of all shapes and sizes are now being celebrated, and so is being STRONG. 

Growing your glutes doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, patience, and the correct training and nutrition. We are all aware of the general top exercises performed in a glute session - but executing these exercises in an optimal manner is important to get the most out of your workout!

When it comes to glute gains, your foot and torso position can play a huge role in muscle recruitment, and whether you are going to be targeting quads or glutes more dominantly. Keeping in mind these simple cues when performing these exercises will help you babes maximize your glute gains!

🍑 Bulgarian Split Squat

When performing a Bulgarian split squat to target the glutes, it's important to have your legs positioned in a longer stride and torso leaning forward slightly. This puts your glutes in a stretched position. Focus on pushing through your front heel and pushing your back knee backward towards the bench. See my Instagram video on this here!

Bulgarian Split Squat Bulgarian Split Squat

🍑 Dumbbell Squat

If you're new to glute exercises with dumbbells, the sumo squat is a great squat variation. To have a heavier focus on glute muscles when performing dumbbell squats, try standing with your feet in a wider stance and toes turning slightly out. Hold a single dumbbell centered at hip level, then lower it between your legs as you squat to further activate glutes.

Dumbbell Squat

When you perform dumbbell squats with a narrow foot stance and the dumbbells resting on your shoulders with your elbows raised and pointed out in front of you, this will more readily recruit your quadriceps muscles. Another beneficial exercise, but maybe not the most useful when wanting to have a killer booty burning session! See video of me performing them here.

🍑 Lunges

Lunges are excellent for unilateral strength for the glutes; they also challenge your hip and core stability. Curtsy lunges are your answer when wanting to increase glute muscle activation! Curtsy lunges place more emphasis on the glutes due to the larger backward step and crossing it behind diagonally.

Curtsy Lunges

To further feel the burn, you can add a deficit by placing a plate under your front foot; this will increase the range of motion and further stretch the glute muscles. Regular lunges also have their place in a lower body workout, however, when performing them with a narrow stance, it will place more emphasis on quad muscle recruitment.

Lunges with Deficit

Girls, it’s not impossible to go from a pancake booty to a strong POWER BOOTY… that’s exactly what I’ve done over the years. With correct nutrition & training, it is possible to build your lower body and create perfect peach shape!

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