How to Hide Your "FUPA" in Leggings

Let’s be honest, having a flat belly and avoiding the infamous fupa aka “pooch” on the lower belly is nearly impossible after any amount of weight loss or weight gain, bring postpartum, or even just existing with your particular body type.

Whatever the reason may be, you deserve to feel more comfortable in your leggings! Enter: the best tummy control fupa leggings for lower belly pooch.

little bumpy friend(s) you have hanging out with you.

Smoothing out any lumps and bumps will help you look your best, not to mention the confidence boost you'll get from not having to worry about your shirt or tank top showing your little bumpy friend(s) who has been hanging out with you. These leggings help you flatten and keep that pooch flat!

high waisted leggings with tummy control

Try Gymdeity fupa shapewear, high waisted leggings if you want leggings that hide the FUPA and keep everything sucked in, and only you will know. Everybody else, on the other hand, will notice your curves and hourglass figure.

high waisted leggings with tummy control

High waisted leggings with tummy control have the ability to slim the muffin top, upper leg, bum, hips, thighs, pooch, and love handles. If you ask me, these are pretty freakin' amazing... They work like magic!

high waisted leggings with tummy control

It's leggings with extra tummy control that can be worn for any occasion to hide the FUPA and give you an instant slimming look, as well as adjustable hook-eye closures (which create a tighter fit or extra bit of length if needed).

high waisted leggings with tummy control

The perfect fit for your belly! High waisted tummy control leggings that highlight your curves and help hide the FUPA by holding in your core with tummy control, as well as shaping the body.

Shop Shapewear to Hide Your "FUPA" in High Waisted Leggings

how to make your bum bigger overnight

These have amazing tummy compression, high waisted and squat proof! Hold Tummy Compression Leggings that are not see through and snatches you in all the right places. The perfect year-round leggings! 

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