Hidden Scrunch

Hidden Scrunch Viral Leggings

Hidden Scrunch Viral Leggings From TikTok - GymDeity

Hidden Scrunch Viral Leggings From TikTok

A scrunch is hidden behind, creating a push-up effect for an even prettier and fuller shape. If you're looking for sexy leggings, these tights are it!

Hidden Scrunch Leggings

What are Hidden Scrunch Leggings?

Hidden scrunch leggings are innovative legwear designed to discreetly enhance your natural curves. With a discreet touch that remains concealed from the observer's eyes.

Why are Hidden Scrunch Leggings Popular?

Hidden scrunch leggings first came online in 2021 and have exploded in popularity since.

They offer several benefits:

  • Enhance your assets: They separate your booty cheeks, providing a contoured and sculpted look. No uni-butt over here!
  • Discreet butt scrunch: Perfect for those who want bum shaping leggings with a classy and refined look compared to regular scrunch leggings.

Are Hidden Scrunch Leggings Uncomfortable?

It depends on how they’re made. Traditional scrunch leggings can give you a pretty major wedgie feeling, especially during lower body exercises like squats or deadlifts. We’re not about that.

The Contour 2.0 seamless leggings, comfort was a priority. Finding a new way to create separation between the cheeks that doesn’t result in discomfort during daily wear or training sessions at the gym. It’s an aesthetic boost without a comfort cost.

We believe you'll see this activewear trending everywhere in the next few years!

That said, a really comfortable legging has a lot more to do with fabric, silhouette, and seam style. All of those play an important role in booty shaping too.

That's why these dupes for navigation leggings with scrunch, the contour 2.0 leggings, design ethos is centered around exceptional comfort.

What Underwear is Best for Hidden Scrunch Leggings?

Because the rear seam is meant to go between your booty cheeks, it’s best to wear a thong (seamless is best, and neutral-colored if you have lighter leggings) or go commando.

If you wear something with greater coverage, the rear seam won't be able to do its job as well of defining your cheeks.

Where Can I Get Hidden Scrunch Leggings?

The best hidden scrunch leggings are Contour 2.0 seamless Leggings. Get them here.

We believe hidden scrunch is the next big thing, and we're confident you'll love them too.

Hidden Scrunch 2.0 Contour Seamless Leggings

Hidden Scrunch Contour Seamless Leggings

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