Grow Your Glutes FAST

Grow Your Glutes FAST with 3 Exercises

Get Bigger Glutes Fast with 3 Effective Booty Workouts

Get Bigger Glutes Fast with 3 Effective Booty Workouts

If you have a weak, flat butt and want to grow it as fast as possible, you’ve come to the right place.

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How to grow your butt fast

Step 1: Frequency & Volume

The first step is to figure out how often to train your glutes and with how much volume.

Exercises To Grow Your Glutes

Tips for Growing Your Butt: Frequency & Volume

The first step is to figure out how often to train your glutes and with how much volume.

Generally, what we've found is that three times per week is the sweet spot for the glutes. The glutes are a huge muscle, with multiple subdivisions, and they can handle a lot of volume and frequency as long as you incorporate variety.

Now, the most common training split we use to accomplish this is a lower upper, lower, upper lower.

So I call that L u L U L. So that's three lower-body days with two upper-body days sandwiched between them. But you can tweak this depending on how many days you have available to work out.

As for how many sets to do, Gym recommends “36 sets of glutes per week”.

Honestly, we were pretty shocked. 36 sets per week? But let us explain:

You can recover from it. It's not too much.

And most males in the fitness industry would say, oh, that's overkill. According to the published research, we should only be doing 20 or you know, you shouldn't be doing 36 sets, but I'm telling you, the glutes can handle it.

I'm telling you, all the big booty Instagram models, they're all doing it.

All the top fitness girls, they're all training glutes three times a week. They wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't effective. They figure out the best way. They're obsessed. They care more about glute training than gym bros do about pecs or biceps.

Exercise 1: Vertical Hip Extensions

Back Squat

The first exercise is the back squat.

Use whatever stance width and foot angle is most comfortable for you, and try to descend as low as possible without too much butt wink.

For max glute growth, you’ll want to try to get down to at least parallel or slightly below and focus on pushing through the heels on the way up.

Exercise 2: Horizontal Hip Extension

Paused Hip Thrust

One of my favorite exercises for this category is hip thrusts.

They do a great job of activating all the glutes, especially the upper area. But it’s important you do them right.

Keep your mid-back on a bench or pad, and push up through your heels to drive your hips as high as possible. At this point, your shins should be vertical.

Exercise 3: Glute Focus RDL's

Single-leg RDL

The single-leg RDL with bodyweight works the posterior chain, including your hamstrings, glutes, back, and calves.

Try The Romanian Deadlift for Stronger and Bigger Glutes.

Add weight, stand on one leg with your weight in the opposite hand, isolate the glutes. Time to get your balance in check and place all the load onto one glute.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Glutes?

Typically, it takes around 12 weeks of consistent glute-focused training to see noticeable growth in your buttocks. To expedite the process, aim to train your glutes multiple times a week (2-3X) and ensure you consume enough calories to support muscle growth.

Grow bigger Glutes FAST

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