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Can Men Wear Leggings, Too?

Can guys wear leggings like girls?

Short answer: YES! It's 2022 wearing leggings is completely acceptable for guys. Totally fine for men to wear leggings as athletic wear and preferably with a pair of athletic shorts on top, or just wearing them because you like to is a good enough reason for us. Leggings have no gender.

Girlfriend Collective Review

Why should leggings be something exclusive to women? 

 You may not see many men wearing leggings if you look around, but society is changing. Wearing leggings is completely acceptable for guys nowadays. Leggings for men are sometimes referred to as “meggings” are comfortable and allow a full range of movement. Above all, the material and design of the tights make them an ideal pick for physical activities such or sports like running, yoga, gym, and cycling.


#1: Can Men Wear Leggings & Tights?

What’s the difference between your girlfriend leggings and tights? Not much. Both are skin-tight pants. Most tights are made with thinner materials. Most leggings have thicker fabric and that way you’re comfortable and you’re not showing off the goods to an unsuspecting public.

How to avoid the bulge, wear darker bottoms to minimize your bulge and thicker fabrics. Because we don't think most women are ready to see your frank & beans on display, it would be pretty pornographic to some.

Girlfriend Collective Review
Girlfriend Collective Review

#2: Are shorts over tights comfortable for men?

They’re not bad. If you like tight-fitting apparel. One comfort aspect of tights is because the material is so stretchy, they make all kind of movement easy. And shorts over leggings are common for men's fitness fashion.

Girlfriend Collective Review

#3: Why would men wear leggings or tights at all?

Compression tights support and stabilize your muscles while you train by absorbing some of the strain as you squeeze your muscles. They also increase blood flow and muscle oxygenation. This speeds up the muscle repair process and reduces fatigue after workouts helping your body recover even faster.

Girlfriend Collective Review

#4: The best legging look for guys

For those guys that need a little more security when you get to exercising, Keep it plain and simple with design and color. The best leggings look for guys is with a pair of loose athletic shorts worn on top. They can be the same or different color as the leggings. That doesn’t matter.

Girlfriend Collective Review

#5: High-performance Fabric

Probably the most important element when it comes to guys wearing Meggings are the materials used to make them. The fabric used here is perfect for any workout and durable for use & abuse. You can throw anything at it and they will hold up. Not just hold up, but move with you with ease. You’ll be comfortable and mobile with these lightweight sweat-wicking tights that’ll help keep you dry and cool during a hard workout.


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Best place for guys to where leggings?

Anywhere but generally, it’s tights for athletic activities such as:

  • The gym: Leggings with shorts on top is a classic gym look these days. I like it as well and wear it often.
  • Running:  Many male runners wear just tights in cold weather.  It’s obviously acceptable but I really don’t like the look. I prefer a pair of shorts on top but I get that just tights is more aerodynamic.
  • Cycling: Again, many men wear just tights when cycling for warmth and less drag.  If speed matters, wearing a pair of loose shorts on top will hamper speed so while not the most attractive look for men, it is the best for performance.
  • Cold-weather sports: Tights work well under snowpants for cold-weather sports such as skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc.
  • Jumping sports:

There no need to be a compelling reason to wear just tights. Cycling and running is compelling of course. But also can be worn around town or as casual wear. Do you!


Men can wear tight-fitting clothing and there is nothing feminine about them. There’s this stigma around spandex, mainly due to items like leggings, that spandex is just for women. Men shouldn’t be wearing them and all sorts of silly nonsense like that. Why can’t a man do some bench presses in spandex? And you don’t have to just stick to working out in them.

Because there is one group that dominates the pop culture landscape these days that are dressed head to toe in spandex. That group is superheroes and you can’t say you can’t rock spandex because it’s a woman’s material when men like Chris Hemsworth and Chadwick Boseman wore spandex without a single issue.

If you’re looking for some new clothing to throw on when you go to workout, then you can’t overlook the benefits of gym leggings

Last but not least...

The Benefits of Men Wearing Meggings

Meggings have greater benefits than the ones just laid out above. Since these are essentially compression pants, there are health benefits to be found as well. You’ll get improved muscle support with a better recovery period, the muscles feeling less sore. You’ll see enhanced performance thanks to the increase in oxygen to the system that these pants provide. The benefits from these are bountiful.

-Gym out!

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