Compressive High-Rise Legging with pockets

Girlfriend Collective Dupes

The Best Girlfriend Collective Dupes, We've Found on TikTok. OMG — $15

Halle Berry Calls These Compressive High-Rise Legging From Amazon an 'Workout Essential' Similar To Girlfriend Collective But Cheaper.

Super Sculpt High-Waisted Yoga Pants

The Girlfriend Collective High Waisted Leggings are featured in "Halle's Workout Essentials." The workout tights are made from a stretchy, supportive and sweat-wicking fabric that keeps you comfortable and dry, while sculpting the butt. Amazon is home to many celebrity-approved items, including the viral booty-lifting legging Lizzo has worn to Jessica Alba's tried-and-true staples.

In addition to the Halle Berry leggings, the actress' list of favorites has various style, workout, beauty and home items. Her top picks include a facial ice roller, sport detergent, ceramic latte cups and a cast iron grill. The Oscar-winning star often shares her exercise routines on social media from a boxing workout to yoga. The Hollywood icon has previously revealed her skincare regimen step by step on her Instagram account.

Ahead, shop the gym leggings Halle loves, along with more of her go-to Girlfriend Collective legging Dupes.

If You Love Lululemon, Check Out These Girlfriend Dupes for Cheap!

Super Sculpt High-Waisted Yoga Pants

Buy It! NKD High-Waisted Yoga Pants, $15.99–$18.99;

Dupes for girlfriend collective leggings dupe with side pockets. The best-seller not only "flatters curves," but reviewers also say that "the texture of the leggings hides any cellulite you may have." The comfy, high-waisted fit offers some compression (without feeling restricted), and shoppers say you're going to "want to buy one in every color" — which would make you the proud owner of 20 pairs, not that we're judging.

Compressive High-Rise Legging with pockets
Compressive High-Rise Legging with pockets
Compressive High-Rise Legging with pockets
Compressive High-Rise Legging with pocketsCompressive High-Rise Legging with pockets

Girlfriend Collective vs Lululemon

However the Girlfriend leggings are much thicker and feel so more substantial than the Lululemon ones — They are very soft - about as soft as the Lululemon Align leggings. They are super flattering and surprisingly very supportive during HIIT and spin. We've must say the quality is comparably to Lululemon.

Based on price alone, Dupe for Girlfriend High-Rise Legging come out on top in the $15 to $20 range compared to Lululemon's $98+ price point.


Buy It! Compressive High-Rise Legging, $15.29–$19.99;

If bright prints and patterns are more your speed, consider the NKD Compressive High-Rise Leggings. Along with 12 bold bright colors, the pants also come in basic solid colors. The sculpting leggings will be ready for your next workout or active day; Start at just $15 and are "so comfy and nice fitting."

Buy It! NKD High-Waisted Leggings, $15.99–$18.99;

The affordable High-Rise Legging are another internet favorite. One customer said: "These are the most comfortable workout pants that I have ever worn!!! They are flattering, and it doesn't even feel like you are wearing workout pants! They stay put when you are moving. The waistband does not roll down. These pants make me want to workout!! I am going to purchase a few more pairs of these today!"

Super Sculpt High-Waisted Yoga Pants

Shop Girlfriend Collective Dupes

For $15 the quality in these high-waisted stylish, versatile Girlfriendleggings Dupes are worth the plunge, An extra high-rise with four-way stretch, buttery soft and compressive fabric. These bestsellers yoga pants are designed to perform for you in every way!

Super Sculpt High-Waisted Yoga Pants

Shop the Girlfriend Collective Dupes everyone is talking about — All under $20

These super sculpting leggings are game-changers. Stretchy, quick-drying, and non-see-through fabric is perfect for weight training, hot yoga, dance cardio, and beyond. These action-ready leggings are perfect for your next gym session, grab a pair now!

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