5 Surprising Fitness Items You Can Buy EBT Amazon

5 Surprising Fitness Items You Can Buy EBT Amazon

If you have a SNAP EBT card, you can now use it to purchase eligible foods on Amazon.com, Amazon Fresh, or Whole Foods Market online in select regions. But did you know that there are some surprising fitness-related items you can buy with EBT on Amazon? Let's explore five of them, starting from the cheapest:

1. Protein Bars: You can find SNAP-eligible protein bars on Amazon. Check out flavors like strawberry cheesecake, nutty fudge brownie, and vanilla pecan crisp. Make sure to verify eligibility before purchasing.

2. Energy Drinks: Need a quick boost? Energy drinks like Monster are EBT-eligible on Amazon.

3. Meal Replacement Shakes: Whether you're dieting or have specific dietary needs, meal replacement shakes packed with vitamins and minerals qualify as food and are SNAP eligible.

4. Protein Powder: Certain protein powders classified as food rather than supplements can be purchased with EBT on Amazon. Look for products labeled as SNAP eligible.

5. Weight Loss Supplements: Amazon offers a variety of EBT-eligible weight loss products. These are often considered meal replacements and can be found at various price points.

In addition to these fitness food items, Amazon also accepts EBT for other products, including seeds and plants. However, there are some items you can't buy with SNAP on Amazon, such as alcohol, tobacco, vitamins, medicines, live animals (with a few exceptions), hot foods, and non-food items like pet food or cleaning supplies.

Amazon's acceptance of EBT has made it a convenient and accessible option for shopping with food stamps. With thousands of products to choose from and the convenience of home delivery, it's a great way to make the most of your SNAP benefits. Start maximizing your gains and explore the fitness food items available on Amazon today!

Disclaimer: This information is based on previous guidelines and policies. Please refer to the latest USDA guidelines and Amazon's EBT program details for the most up-to-date information.

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