Meet Qimmah Russo - The Online Coach -

Meet Qimmah Russo - The Online Coach

Qimmah Russo

Founder of Q-Flex Fitness, with the intention of bringing motivation, intensity, happiness, education, inspiration, and togetherness in a custom fitness experience.

Talk about body goals, right? Qimmah Russo is a Ex athlete, Fitness influencer, social media sensation and overall badass chick. She frequently shares HIIT circuit workouts along with her rock solid abs and an all-around aesthetic physique on her Instagram account, and her stories always feature her lighthearted humor.

 Creator Of The Famous "30 Day Advance" Challenge.

Creator Of The Best Belling "30 Day IntermediateChallenge.

She is INCREDIBLE! I'm not sure what will motivate you if she doesn't.

To find out more about her, Be sure to check out Qimmah Russo on her social media platforms and online.

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Muscle & Fitness - Interview | (Qimmah Russo)

Stay Motivated💖✨

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