Fashion Nova Influencer Program To Apply To

Fashion Nova Influencer Program To Apply To

How To Get Sponsored By Fashion Nova & Get Free Clothes

If you’re like most and spend way too much time online, you’ve probably noticed the increase in Instagram influencers who have added the tag “Fashion Nova Partner”. What does that mean and just what is Fashion Nova Influencer making? Well, I did some digging to find out.

What Is The Fashion Nova Ambassador Program?

A Fashion Nova Ambassador is simply a person who is given free product or paid to promote the Fashion Nova brand — Fashion Nova, of course, being a popular online clothing store. They rose to fame thanks to their use of social media marketing. Here is a shot of the world-famous Kylie Jenner promoting Fashion Nova.

How To Become A Fashion Nova Partner

How Much Does A Fashion Nova Influencer Get  Paid?

But they don’t just pay megastars like Kylie Jenner, they also pay smaller influencers. So how much are they paying the less famous Instagram influencers to promote them? According to an article in Businessweek, Instagram influencers are paid based on the total number of followers, as long as they have a certain percentage of engagement. In other words, you can buy all the followers you want, but unless those followers are liking and comment on your posts, they are worthless.


  • If you have 10k-100k followers – $250 per post
  • 100k-250k followers – $1,000 per post
  • 1.5 million to 50 million followers – $10k per post
  • 50+ million followers – $100k per post

 The estimated total pay for a Brand Ambassador at Fashion Nova is $3,704 per month. Accounts over 100k followers.

Fashion Nova Influencers:

An insider once revealed that Fashion Nova and other similar cosmetics companies will often reach out to small micro-influencers (those with 10-100k followers) and offer them free products in return for free promotion and if it goes well, they will offer payment, sometimes as low as $15 a post sometimes as much as $500.


But that being said, the insider said more often than not, you’ll not get offered any real money to post, just free products (if you have less than 100k followers).

How To Become A Fashion Nova Ambassador?

If you are interested in becoming a Fashion Nova Brand Ambassador you first must make several posts (for free) tagging @fasionnova and #Novababe on Instagram. Then contact their PR team at, and profile links to your social media posts and profiles.

 How many followers do you need to be a Fashion Nova ambassador?

To grab the attention of the Fashion Nova decision makers through your Instagram posts. Please note that you need to have at least 10,000 followers before contacting Fashion Nova about becoming a Fashion Nova Ambassador (aka a #NovaBabes). Their team will check out how well those posts performed and if they have a decent enough engagement, they will make an offer.

How To Become A Fashion Nova Partner

If you have enough followers and your engagement is good enough Fashion Nova will want to work with you. In the end, it isn’t about how many followers you have but how high your engagement is.  According to Instagram Business, 60% of people use the platform to discover new products.

How To Become A Fashion Nova Partner

What Does Fashion Nova Want From Its Ambassador Program?


Fashion Nova wants to make sure when you are trying to find a new product it’s the product you come across. That’s why they use social media influencers to promote their products. Even if the account is small, (a micro-influencer), if that person’s engagement is high enough, they might still consider a deal. 

To improve your engagement on Instagram make sure you are not just posting pictures. Instead, take the time to fill out the caption.  While the photo may be the first thing to get their attention, it’s the caption that will get them to like or comment.


How To Increase Your Chance To Become A Fashion Nova Partner?

If you called yourself a social media influencer you might become a Fashion Nova influencer. As mentioned above, the Fashion Nova Ambassador program reaches small and even micro-influencers to make sure they are posting their products all along. 

So how can you increase your chances to become a Fashion Nova Ambassador? It is a simple question with a simple answer. Just increases your social media reach to attract Fashion Nova to your account. 

If you have greater than 100,000 influencers you are a good candidate for the Fashion Nova Ambassador Program. 

Want to collab? | Fashion Nova

How to become a Fashion Nova partner

Let's find out, and get you in touch with them! If you are interested in being a Fashion Nova influencer/partner, please fill out their collaborations form and a Fashion Nova Social Media Representative will get back to you. Good Luck.

Sign Up To Be A FashionNOVA Ambassador HERE!


Being a Fashion Nova Brand Influencer can be hard work and take a lot of patience, but it may pay off in terms of popularity and paycheck! So why not try your luck and discover if you have what it takes to join the Fashion Nova Influencer Program? Who knows一you just might be the next #Novababe to rise and shine!

By the way, Fashion Nova now has a men's ambassador program called Fashion Nova Men. Want to learn how to become a brand ambassador for the men's Fashion Nova line? You can fill out the men's fashion nova from here.

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